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Discussion in 'Using your helpdesk' started by indesigns, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. indesigns

    indesigns Established Member

    using 4.00.852 beta. How do we merge existing user accounts? What I found in V3 that if the email account was not registered, it will create another profile for the same user. It is just because the user did not know.

    How do we merge the user accounts?

    Also I like the feature where users can edit in their profile their email accounts. Before if it was more than 1, it had to be edited in staff cp.
  2. swilders

    swilders Established Member

    Can we get this feature added? We need to be able to merge user accounts.
  3. Member

    +1 for this feature. Also when typing in the persons name with multiple email addresses we need to be able to differentiate which email address it sends it too.
  4. chris88

    chris88 Established Member

    +1. Would prove to be very useful.
  5. kevin.taylor

    kevin.taylor Member

    +1 from me too. This has always annoyed me a little!
  6. kittywireless

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  7. Giray

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  8. FrankSmith

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  9. kittywireless

    kittywireless Established Member

    Any idea on when this feature might be available? We have customers wanting to change their email address or merge two together and it's INCREDIBLY hard currently.
  10. aiso

    aiso Reputed Member

    I would like this feature as well. Also if you delete a user from the helpdesk, it does not delete tickets linked to user as well as if you add the users email address back then it will not detect his/her old tickets. They need to fix all three of these.
  11. kittywireless

    kittywireless Established Member

    Any idea on this feature? Any admin response?
  12. meltemi

    meltemi Established Member

    any news?
  13. kittywireless

    kittywireless Established Member

    Currently, whenever a customer wants to change their email address, or merge two together, it's impossibly difficult, and requires TONS of manual work. Customers use multiple email addresses, and then sometimes want them merged into one - this is really a necessity.
  14. atDev

    atDev Reputed Member

    Yes we just discovered this is very difficult today as well.

    We need a way to merge users.
  15. FrankSmith

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  16. meltemi

    meltemi Established Member

    Did someone get any news?
    Could someone explain his way to merge users manually?
  17. prodomein

    prodomein Member

    Yes we need this as well. But it looks like kayako does not read this topic!
  18. masterctrl1

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