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Modern-Help - Kayako Customization Service

Discussion in 'Offers' started by Modern-Help, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Modern-Help

    Modern-Help Member

    Looking for affordable kayako skinning service to get your kayako branded professionally with your current web layout? No problem, modern-help offers some affordable & very clean professional skinning service.

    Our Kayako Customization standard service : $65.00 | Learn more

    Previous Work:

    Host Duplex



    Looking for more examples? Then you can check our portfolio or all our recent projects by visiting our Portfolio Page

    We accept all major credit cards & Paypal & 2Checkout to process all payments.

    Have Questions?
    If you have questions or concerns regarding our skinning service, or if you are looking for something more complex, then Contact Us w/ your requirements & we can provide you a custom quote.
  2. sharma2020

    sharma2020 New Member

    Just placed an order.
    Invoice 595
  3. sharma2020

    sharma2020 New Member

  4. Modern-Help

    Modern-Help Member


    I do apologize for you feel this way, I have sent you a email it seems you are still having issues w/ the password protected area & I have not received the proper details from you but it seems this is still my fault.
  5. sharma2020

    sharma2020 New Member

    I replied you instantly including FTP, Admin, Path suggestions.
    2) You can create a directory from the FTP (cpanel details also same)
    If you are unsure then you should update the ticket, but you didn't.
  6. Modern-Help

    Modern-Help Member


    Sir, that is not what I am implying too. The FTP details are no longer working. If the proper details are not working how am I am able to get anything done, the information worked day one you are right that you replied instantly. However since then the info is denying me access - please confirm & update details & reply to ticket.

    Thank you!
  7. sharma2020

    sharma2020 New Member

    FTP details, same and it;'s working fine here. I send you raw logs.
  8. sharma2020

    sharma2020 New Member

    The project completed, Thanks for your help.

    Price : 10/10 %
    Work Quality: 10/09 %
    Communication : 10/07 %
    Speed : 10/04 %

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