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Module to monitor Staff Performamce with ticket statistics

Discussion in 'Modifications, extensions and addons' started by brooky, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. chrisbrown

    chrisbrown New Member

    You've made 10 posts. You should know by now not to ask that.
  2. AaronM

    AaronM New Member

    Patch needed for version 3.70.02

    This version does NOT work in the newest version of Kayako 3.70.02. I know everyone is hot for V4 but until then a lot of us are relying on this module for staff performance. I would be willing to donate $20.00USD to the cause to get someone to get this to work for Kayako 3.70.02 PLEASE!!!!!!1
  3. francesco

    francesco Member

    100,00, i can try to fix.
  4. reddeath

    reddeath New Member

    The link to file on the previous page works with 3.70.02. The problem with this thread is that the main post on the first page is not being updated with latest version. Instead, you need to go through each page.
  5. Xeserve

    Xeserve Established Member

    Are you referring to the one posted by s.a.? Sorry I can confirm that it is in fact not working on the latest version.
  6. georkame

    georkame Member

    The Module works

    I want to confirm that The modifications made by s.a. works also on ver 3.70.01.

    Thank you ... great one, it will be nice if we can export to Excel option.
  7. georkame

    georkame Member

    Filter moved to a third line to make it easy

    to move the filter button under the Show Table just add the following in green and remove the one in red. thi is in the reports_stats.php file located in the ..\modules\tickets\ folder (look for the section below)

    after modification, just save and refresh your screen and voila the Filter Button is below the calendar area section and you do not have to scroll all the way to the right. because we have so many techs and the screeen can get very wide. ENJOY

    <td class="row2" colspan="2">
    <select name='actiontype'>
    <option value='12' <?php if($actiontype==12) echo "selected='selected'"; ?>>Staff Ticket Replies</option>
    <option value='11' <?php if($actiontype==11) echo "selected='selected'"; ?>>New Customer Tickets (Excluding Replies)</option>
    <option value='8' <?php if($actiontype==8) echo "selected='selected'"; ?>>Ticket Status Changes</option>
    <option value='14' <?php if($actiontype==14) echo "selected='selected'"; ?>>Setting Due Time Changes</option>
    <option value='10' <?php if($actiontype==10) echo "selected='selected'"; ?>>Ticket Owner Changes</option>
    <option value='4' <?php if($actiontype==4) echo "selected='selected'"; ?>>Ticket Department Changes</option>

    <!-- removed by GTK 10-8-10 <td class="row2"><input type="submit" class="yellowbutton" name="filter" value="<?php echo $_SWIFT["language"]["filter"]?>"></td> -->
    <!-- next line added by GTK 10-8-10 -->
    <td colspan="3" class="row2"><input type="submit" class="yellowbutton" name="filter" value="<?php echo $_SWIFT["language"]["filter"]?>"></td>
  8. lholmes

    lholmes New Member

    Closed Calls

    This is an excellent tool, however, can anyone show me a way to display a number of closed calls per person? We are running 3.20.

    Many Thanks
  9. dicks

    dicks Established Member

    Option value 11 shows a partial and mostly empty table in 3.60.02
  10. georkame

    georkame Member

    Lholmes, if you need the "closed ticket", use Version 2 V2 posted by lscarpace

    (on page 6) it works perfectly with Kayako V3.70.01
  11. lholmes

    lholmes New Member

    Hi Georkame, we have applied this to our support suite, however it does not show specifically closed calls, it is just "Ticket Status Changes" is there any way we could change this to just show Open to Closed?

    Kind Regards
  12. georkame

    georkame Member

    Attached Files:

  13. Treznax

    Treznax New Member

    Could we get this for Kayako v4 ?
  14. dance

    dance New Member


    Is there a working version of this for v3.70.02? If so, how do I download please?

  15. search24pc

    search24pc New Member


    Can any one post a few more info regarding this.
  16. georkame

    georkame Member

    Dance, it does work with 3.70.02
  17. malocite

    malocite Member

    Version 4?


    We use version 4 and are desperately in need of something like this. I tried to follow the instructions but they don't appear to work for version 4. Is there a new version of this coming?
  18. gasmin_bk

    gasmin_bk New Member

    I've made new module for v4
    I put this new module in admincp and named it Staff Statistics, and it has the same functionality

    The only thing I couldn't fix that the date filter can be done just for one time, then you have to reload the page for next filter
    Iam still working on it, any suggestion is sooooooo welcome :)

    Attached Files:

  19. Xeserve

    Xeserve Established Member

    I followed your instructions, however I get this error

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PUBLIC, expecting '{' in /home/user/public_html/support/__swift/modules/base/admin/class.View_StaffGroup.php on line 29
  20. Xeserve

    Xeserve Established Member

    I got it to work, you didn't specify where to post the code for the last 2 bits nad pasted it before the {

    Is there anyway you can get it so that teh "Date" doesn't use up like 80% of the space? Because all the users are squashed off to the right side

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