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ModulesGarden Presents: Kayako For WHMCS!

Discussion in 'Offers' started by ModulesGarden, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. ModulesGarden

    ModulesGarden New Member

    For business owners identifying the clients’ needs is but one half of success. The other depends on more external factors such as the tools you are using to communicate with your clients on a daily basis. ModulesGarden is here today to proudly present our newest development focused on the ultramodern customer service - Kayako For WHMCS!

    Thanks to the joint forces of the multi-functional WHMCS system and one-and-only Kayako, the ticket system established by the module has been armed to the teeth so as to secure the customer service at the most satisfactory level. Here is a sample of the operations you and your clients will be empowered to carry out:
    • from the WHMCS client area – creating new tickets, optionally uploading files, and selecting the Kayako departments the tickets will be assigned to,
    • from the WHMCS admin area – determining the available Kayako departments, exporting the data from WHMCS to Kayako either manually (for the existing clients and their messages) or automatically (for the newcomers), and thereby handling all crucial support elements in a single place.
    Naturally, there is yet a whole array of additional features making up this refreshing module, but we will leave the sheer fun of exploration to you!

    Learn All About Kayako For WHMCS!

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