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Multiply Tickets

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Michalo, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Michalo

    Michalo Member


    we are using kayako classic.

    Currently we are receiving the same ticket multiple times. Honestly I am not sure if it is a kayako Problem.

    But maybe this Problem known somewhere?

    Thank you & Regards,
  2. AndrewL2704

    AndrewL2704 Member

    We had the same problem when we started but that came down to using pop/imap servers to download email, where the php process was timing out trying to download a large number of emails at a time and was not deleting or registering the email had been downloaded from the email server already. We setup our own basic linux mail server to pipe emails into Kayako and this solved the issue and emails instantly appear as tickets rather than having to wait the 5-10mins for the fetch process to run. Have you setup for pop/imap the same?
  3. Michalo

    Michalo Member

    we also have Pop/imap Settings for receiving the mails. I also always get a php failure log (see Attachement).
    Unfortunately it is not possible here in the Company to Change the Setting to a Linux mail Server.


    Attached Files:

  4. AndrewL2704

    AndrewL2704 Member

    Are you using an in-house server to host behind your firewall then?
  5. Michalo

    Michalo Member

    What should we host? PHP Server? Sorry - I am not an IT specialist. We are using Kayako Case - Version 4.77.1
    Thank you.
  6. AndrewL2704

    AndrewL2704 Member

    We host ours on an 1and1 virtual server so its basically a website hosting server but one with greater resources than a standard web hosting package. We then setup a basic "Postfix" mail server on the same virtual server with just one email address setup under the same domain that we access Kayako on. Our incoming email accounts all have a forward to this one address and the postfix server sends it to the console.php file under Kayako, so it actually has littel to do with our existing email accounts as they are just forwarding. Forwarding in this way means that Kayako reads the "To Address" header and matches this to create the ticket rather than the postfix email account they are forwarded to. If you were to host Kayako on a linux/windows server within your organisation it is likely that a mail server program running on this would not have access to the outside world through your network firewalls so would not be able to receive emails in this way. Hope this makes some sense.
  7. netFusion

    netFusion Reputed Member

    I currently run our Kayako Classic on a Windows server and retrieve the emails using imap/pop. We also get multiple copies of the tickets. It happens randomly and we have not yet figured out what the culprit is. It's happened for years. I switched from running on a Centos server and used to have the same problem with it on the Centos server. But we also retrieved the emails using pop/imap from that server as well. I've tested it against both a SmarterMail server and an Exchange 2013 server. It does not seem to be mail server related. But definitely seems to be pop/imap related...

    We also have a random problem with Kayako Classic not sending out ticket replies to all of the ticket recipients. When it happens, the parser log will show that the ticket reply was received by the mail parser, the reply gets added to the ticket, but Kayako never attempts to send the reply back out to the staff and people assigned on the ticket. It shows nothing in the PHP log and sniffing with Wireshark shows no connection attempt to the smtp server from the server running Kayako when it happens. But it's random. Maybe one out of a ten or fifteen ticket replies that Kayako will not try to send back out to the users and staff.

    Kayako support spent several weeks and multiple support staff trying to figure it out and never could. They finally just let it drop and I quit asking. We switched from the Centos server to the Windows 2012 R2 server during attempts to fix this problem just to rule out that it wasn't a problem with the server or the software on it... We even loaded a fresh install of the latest version of Kayako Fusion at the time, with nothing carried over from a previous install, and still experienced the problem with it.

    So there is definitely something that appears to be flakey with the mail parser and could quite possibly be related to the pop/imap/smtp processing. You are not alone with that problem...


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