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  1. cobaltje

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    I would like to share with you guys a couple of my visions about the new Kayako compared to the 'classic' version.
    Let me first start with one of the biggest 'missing' things in my opinion.

    The Departments.

    With the use of Departments you could had a nice list on your left, divided into the status of the tickets.


    Now this is totally diferent with the use of "Views".
    Now you have to make all those views yourself. (lots of work, and still not what i want)



    The Tickets

    There are a lots of things i'm missing here. See the red boxes.

    The user page/ticket page:


    So much white space on the left, wile everything you really wanted to see is in the right small colomn.
    Also in the ticket view this is really not usefull to me.

    These are just a couple of things that makes a huge difference for us in using Kayako in the future or not. I showed it to a couple of my collegues and they where all like "hell no!".

    So i hope there will still changes a lot, but like someone already mentioned here at the forums, you guys say a lot that it will come, its almost there, but in the end.. it doesn't come, or like now it will be in V6 then.
  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi cobaltje,

    You can still do the things you said above in the new Kayako. We built it from the ground up understanding the challenges customers were facing, and designed every part to meet and exceed those. I will go through the points you raised above and explain why these things are different and why, and what it will enable you to do.

    Departments v's views.

    In v4, we had departments, which on first sight seemed to work ok, but under the hood, they gave a lot of issues. The biggest of these was in passing tickets around. Let's say you had support tier 1, which when needed, past tickets onto tier 2. The issue here is once you have passed the ticket on from tier 1, it is no longer visible to them. Which means when customers ask for updates, there is no way for your tier 1 staff to open their ticket. This is because a ticket can only ever be within 1 department at any given time.

    The second problem was the statuses, in your screen shot above, you have broken down your departments as things like "hardware" and "software" ( forgive any errors in your breakdown, I don't speak the language you are using ). Then within each of these, you have added some statuses, which I will assume are things like open, on hold, ordered, closed.

    The issue here is some of these things are about the state of the conversation ( e.g are we waiting for staff to reply to the customer, or waiting for the customer to reply to us ), and other ones are about the state of the ticket in regards to its department. ( e.g. we have a hardware ticket, and it is currently sat at "ordered" )

    The problem here is that you can't track these things at the same time, when the customer replies, it will move the status to open ( typically ) and this means you lose the fact you had it in "ordered state". Departments and statuses was the only real way to try and create a ticket workflow through kayako in version 4, and it had a lot of shortfalls when doing so.

    All the issues above mean your staff cannot see a list of tickets which are important to them, it is not helping them with what they need to work on now, it is not helping them to prioritise their workload and not ensuring you meet customer expectations. Quite often there will be tickets they can see in the department which they cannot help with, and it is just noise to them.

    In the new Kayako we now have teams ( this replaces departments ). A single member of staff can be a part of several teams. We then have views ( which is new and does not have a v4 equivalent, the closest thing might be filters, but filters were based on department access, so were limited by all the issues above )

    Views in Kayako let you decide on the criteria a case must match in order to be a part of that view. So you could simply base a view off of department ( e.g. your support cases go into a support view, which your support team handle ). That works, so you can create the same setup as you have right now. But you can go beyond this, you can help your agents out much more.

    Rather than trying to categorize a case by its department, you can assign it to the team of people who can handle that case ( even if those people are in different areas of your business ), then for each staff team or individual, you can create meaningful views to them, which show them which cases they need to work on, which ones are urgent, which ones are maybe from your VIP customers, which ones might have come in from social media. The biggest change here is that every case an agent can see, they can work on, they can make sure they meet your customer expectations.

    But it is not just about empowering your agent who is answering the customer, you can also create meaningful views for managers. Which cases have received a poor satisfaction rating, which cases have less than an hour left until you fail your SLA, which cases have received more than 5 staff replies. Your managers can see all this live, and then take actions to improve that outcome for your customers, which will make you better at customer service.

    Now onto your next screen shots. Some of the things you highlighted are not missing, they are just not in the same place, some of them are things we are working to add right now ( such as merge cases ). Things like the edit tab are no longer needed, you can edit these things where they display, such as custom fields. deleting a case is simply done in a different dropdown ( the little down arrow next to "macro".

    One of the things you highlighted is that the audit log is missing, but this is not the case, the audit log is now part of the case/users timeline. ( we are also improving this to show granular information, as it is a bit too generic atm )

    But take a look at this:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.30.23.png

    This is the same screen shot you said was filled with white space. But is it not, it is showing the users timeline. This shows you a lot of information, to understand the customers context, so your agents can give the customer more meaningful and accurate help.

    In the green boxes you can see what you customer has searched for ( either from the help center or from live chat ), this gives your agents more information to understand what your customer needs help with. It will also show you which knowledgebase articles they open, so you will understand if those are helpful to your customers, or if they maybe need improvement

    In the yellow box you can see actions the customer is taking on a case ( this is the one we are updating to show more information ), this is the ticket audit log, only from a customers point of view, an audit log of all the things they are doing, across all their cases.

    The red box is showing you events from your other systems, outside of Kayako. Maybe you use paypal, or stripe, or salesforce, or even your own in house MIS system. You can push events from all of these, and log it within a users timeline. This means your agents can see what your customer was doing, where they got stuck, what they did wrong, and can then use all that new information to help your customer at the first time of asking, they could even be proactive and fix it before the customer even creates a case!

    I hope that helps explain how the new Kayako is designed to make you better at customer service, all the changes we have made are designed around getting your agents more information, when they need it, giving them the full context of the conversation with the customer. This will help you build a better relationship with your customer, it will help your agents work better together.

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  3. cobaltje

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    Hi Gary,

    Just want to pick in on the 'audit logs'.
    See print screen:

    Paul updated the ticket. But with what? What did he change?
    We use Kayako in a very different way that you explained now.

    Our customers don't have acces to our Kayako system. So we don't need to follow them in anyway. Our clients are "recycleparks" and have a fake email to make a user account in Kayako.
    We use this system only intern. (and with incoming e-mails).

    So everything that has changed here, is probbly indeed a good way when you have a public kayako support site. But in our case this is not.

    I really understand the way why things has changed and why it would be better with most of your customers, but i'm really afraid that the way of working in the new system is really not good for us.

    Will this update be pushed with ondemand customers or not?
  4. cobaltje

    cobaltje Member

    Also missing:

    A list of the users
    A list of the organizations
    Where can i create my custom reports?
  5. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Wow! Very impressive.
  6. Damon May

    Damon May New Member

    This new version is dead set just Zendesk with a new logo and name. The similarities are pretty scary, including the terminology and names of areas. So the limitations we wanted to move away from are now the ones we are being forced back into .. oh and for extra cost !!!
  7. I've already been asked to review and give feedback on this from my management and although I understand why the changes have taken place, it seems to be in the name of adding functionality for particular user types (i.e. those in which social media plays a big part) and completely moves away from our (and I would think other) small business types that found v4 almost perfect (with issues of course) for the way we work.

    The loss of departments is the big thing here. We work with several organisations and we *absolutely* need to have these clearly separated and viewable. All users in our company (Software house) have access to all depts so the issues of access once a ticket is moved is non-existent. Part time users that only have to log in now and again in my company are going to find this new view extremely off putting, and those that have taken a look have asked that we do not change from v4. It's actually now closer again to Spiceworks, which we moved away from back in 2013.
    The 2nd issue was the platform; no desktop variant. We need to be able to log tickets offline (so even if we lose our access to the outside world and we only have our internal network up, which has happened). As far as I can tell, if you don't have internet access you have NO access?
    The other thing that worried me was reports. Yes KSQL is a pain, but once you understood its frankly bizarre way of procedural process you could write custom reports like with normal SQL. From the vid it appears that the backend is similar and rather than use something more like normal SQL there are just more 'standard' reports in there that you *think* we might need, in order to have users shy away from custom reports (knowing the logic is perhaps just as awkward as before?)

    The Twitter/FB integration raised a LOT of eyebrows. Again it was understood but raises a lot of questions regarding how tickets work. If we have a ticket (say #001) and it came in via email and is logged against user DPT1, but user DPT then tweeted us, how does that link to the ticket? I'm assuming it is picking it up by user, and so if we have 4 tickets by DPT1 in for different 'sections' (e.g. Support / Change Requests / Development / Accounts etc.) how does it know which of these tickets it is an update for? Does it just add the update to the user and that then shows up on ALL tickets that user has (like notes added to users/organisations do now)??
    Setting a tag for a user as a VIP because he has a lot of followers? That may matter if you are Virgin Media or some very public external facing business in which consumer interest is important but I suspect the vast majority of customers are using Kayako as their internal Helpdesk with very little need for social interaction of that type.

    I've worked in quite a few different companies, all with Service Desks (my speciality) and out of the last 5 only 1 would possibly find this new version preferable over v4 (large and well known UK IT/PC retail outlet) if the social media aspect worked well and didn't make a mess of tickets. Someone here actually made a joke about when Instagram integration was coming....

    I know this has come across as a bit of a rant, and we don't want to dismiss this new variant out of hand but it is so far away from the v4 we have being using very happily since early 2014 that it has us worried. I really need to have a go on it and see if I can recreate our current setup in the new version; departments, SLAs by dept etc. and all of that. If it can do the exact same thing but with extra functionality all is good.
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  8. rosacek

    rosacek New Member

    I have the same feeling.
    I do not need social, even no need chat. On the other hand current UI of Kayako looks more useable than new one. As said before, Kayako decided to have same look as its competitors.
    That is sad for me, as I like current V4 UI and functionality. And that was the reason I decided to use Kayako.
    I hate wasted white space, have ticket "header" on the right (shall we call it header then?)...
  9. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    The lack of information about what was updated is what we are going to improve on, and make sure it logs those granular changes which are happening to the case. It will also be able to tell you about custom field values changing, which is not something you can do within v4.

    It is possible via the API to create fake users, or use the UI with fake emails.

    The new Kayako will eventually be pushed to all on demand users, but this is not something anyone will be forced to do in the short term.

    Hi Damon, What limitations do you think the new Kayako has? We are not like Zendesk at all, under the hood we have much more powerful automations and our user timelines give your agents much more information to help a customer.

    Hi David,

    In case I did not make it clear before, you can create departments in the new Kayako, you can set it up just like version 4 ( and indeed, in terms of migration, we will be doing that for customers ). If you want to keep on using Kayako the way you do right now, you will absolutely be able to do that. But with the new Kayako, you can go beyond that, and start making changes which have real and tangible benefits to your staff and your customers.

    I can understand your concern around our insights, but we have not finished with this, right now you get all the insights we showed out of the box, but we are currently working on our advanced insights which will let you create your own.

    If you don't need social support, that is fine, this is just one of the areas we added to Kayako, it still deals with emails and live chat just like v4, only again we have improved these areas, such as better tracking for case ID's, better parsing of HTML emails, the ability to view full message headers.

    In terms of how we track multi channel conversations, it is all done pretty logically, so for example, if you have multiple cases open as a customer, and then send in a tweet, if none of your existing cases were made via a tweet, then Kayako will make a new case, rather than appending. It will only add to an existing case where it is clear this is part of the same conversation. In terms of linking emails/twitter ID/facebook ID. we do ask customers for all of these, so for example if they visit the help center, we will ask them for as much as they want to give. You can also add identities for users via the agent area if you happen to know them. We do not match at all on things like name, either you or your customers need to tell Kayako "this email address and this twitter ID are the same person"

  10. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    Then it begs the question why we all have to move off the download version.
  11. I've been asked to go and look for Kayako replacements again, and so I'm back here looking through the updates people have posted and of course Gary's response. I'll admit to curiosity in that Gary has mentioned above that we can use the new version exactly like v4, but on Jamie's other thread about the new Kayako he notes that departments have now been removed and replaced with views. If that is the case than it isn't the same and the base structure has been adjusted enough that it doesn't work the way it needs to for clarity in our organisation. Also, we have around 20 staff that use KD every day and I don't want to think about the cost of the license after the honeymoon period has worn off. We paid a flat fee for the licence but if we update its going to be an outgoing that isn't budgeted for.

    Deal breaker is non-hosting. We work with several government bodies and it would be against several of their policies and their contracts with us if we allowed the data we current hold secure on site to be in the cloud and not under our full control.

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