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MySQL has gone away

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by NC Software, May 15, 2017.

  1. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    Recently updated MySQL to 5.7.18 from 5.6.x. We noticed it got quiet so I ran the mail parser link manually and it shows the error below:

    Running parser for Queue ID '1': foo@nc-software.com Queue Total: 0, Accepted: 0, Rejected: 0 Running parser for Queue ID '2': foo2@nc-software.com Warning Router: https://helpdesk.nc-software.com/cron/Parser/ParserMinute/POP3IMAP PDO::exec(): MySQL server has gone away (D:/Webs/kayako/__swift/library/Database/class.SWIFT_Database.php:539)

    Using latest version of Kayako with PHP 5.6.30.
  2. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    Resolved - My.ini config issue and optimized all tables again.
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  3. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    Can you please list the changes you made in my.ini?
  4. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    I don't recall all of the changes but essentially when I upgraded from MySQL 5.6 to 5.7 a new My.ini was used and I missed some of the migration from the former to the latter. The one that I think broke it was the max size either attachment or message, one of the size settings. To better view old vs. new I removed all of the commented (# prefix) lines so I could see just the config items and that helped identify the problem.
  5. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

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