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Discussion in 'Feedback and suggestions' started by peter Morton, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. peter Morton

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    The addition of "Organisations" in V4 was a major step in bringing together users within the same place, however the abvaility to have parent organisations would propel this feature into a very powerful structure indeed. We have "Organisations" who have "Users", however those Organisations are then owned by a "Parent". Users in the parent should be able to view and report on tickets for all the "child organisations". Users in the Child organisations should have visibility on thier organisations tickets only, and users (if permissions restrict) should only have access to thier own tickets.

    Am i the only one looking for this hierachy???
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  2. Joost Sanders

    Joost Sanders Reputed Member

    +1 for this!
  3. FrankSmith

    FrankSmith Established Member

  4. Vidar

    Vidar New Member

    We need a level between organization and users.
    A sub-organization, department, or whatever feels natural to call it.

    Four our spesific need the case is:
    Most of our customers are shipping companies. They manage several vessels (ranging from a couple to several hundred). On each vessel there is a number of users, who are the ones contacting us.
    We define one organization for each customer, and map users to organization based on mail domain (or manual modification by staff for those who doesnt have their own maildomain)
    So far so good.

    What we lack is the possibility to identify a subset of users. E.g. all users on a spesific vessel.
    We also need to generate reports with tickets for each organization, grouped by sub-organization.
    Tickets processed Jaunary for Customer1:​
    • Vessel1 - x tickets - some statistics...
    • Vessel2 - y tickets - some statistics...
    • ...
    • Vessel113 - z tickets - some statistics...
    Where Customer1 is a regular Organization in kayako. And VesselX is a "sub-organization" containing a group of users (e.g all users on one vessel).

    The sub-organization doesnt have to be vessel. For other customers it could be "offices", "departments", "branch office" depending on what kind of organization. The field can have a generic name like "unit". The important thing is to have a level between users and organization.

    For all I know there could be a simple way to manage this without any new features, but I'm not aware of such solution. I have also contacted support, who asked me to file a feature request.
  5. aconlon

    aconlon New Member

    +1 here, running into the same need: locations for organizations. Please add this feature! Thanks Kayako!
  6. OVDV

    OVDV New Member

    This is very important for us as well!
  7. SImon Day

    SImon Day New Member

    +1 for us too.

    New to theses forums. Is this the right way to get feature requests seen and acknowledged?
  8. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

  9. SImon Day

    SImon Day New Member

    Great, thanks.
  10. James McCann

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  11. fimcdxb

    fimcdxb Member

    Agreed we run job portal and want to merge multiple user accounts under one registration no which we do manually. But even after adding multiple email id in one user name still tickets for the users when searched by either of the email id shows differently.
  12. Jennifer Millan

    Jennifer Millan New Member

    Does anyone know if this feature has been implemented or is the works to be? We are in dire need of using sub-location information for our organizations and I haven't found a way yet that this can be done.
  13. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi all

    Thanks for the really detailed feedback. We don't have any plans at the moment to add support for nested or sub-organisations. The best workaround I can think of is to create multiple organisations for each location (for example, Cisco (North America)).

    Alternatively, for filtering purposes, have you considered using tags? You could tag users regardless of the organization they belong to, and achieve that extra level of granularity that way.
  14. aconlon

    aconlon New Member

    Hi Jamie,

    For our organization, this workaround wouldn't work; Say you've got a manager that is responsible for multiple locations; that person often needs access to the tickets for all of that organization's locations. It's also useful for us to see the tickets for the organization, and all nested organizations, in the organization view under the 'tickets' tab. This helps us see patterns that we wouldn't see if the organizations were all separate.

    We ended up engineering our own solution, and it works great. Our organization had been looking at other ticketing systems, which made me nervous, because I have grown accustomed to the features and functionality that Kayako provides.

    It seems that this feature has been anticipated by many support organizations for some time now. Now that we have our own solution in place, and our customer's managers are able to view and manage their tickets appropriately, I couldn't imagine being without the feature. It cut down on call volume from managers looking for updates, which in turn frees up our staff to spend more time on addressing requests and tackling issues.

    If you could push to make this functionality part of the core offering, I get the feeling that it would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    I know it still wouldn't 100% achieve what you are looking for, but would multi-organization membership help accomplish part one of your requirements?
  16. aconlon

    aconlon New Member

    Yes, I think it would; It would allow management for multi-location organizations to see tickets for all of their locations, if I understand correctly. I think that'd be a great start
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  17. Eric Van Tol

    Eric Van Tol Member

    This would help us tremendously. We are a service provider and often have reseller/client relationships where a consultant who is a client will open up trouble tickets on behalf of his or her customer, who also is a client of ours. We can't have the trouble tickets assigned to the consultant's organization if the ticket is actually related to the customer. In addition, we deal with parent organizations whereby two or three people open up tickets on behalf of dozens of sub-organizations that fall under their administrative control.

    Is there any progress on anything that could help us with this?
  18. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi Eric
    Unfortunately not. It is on the cards, but not on the roadmap yet. I don't have a timeframe of when we'll get to multi-organization membership at this stage.
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  19. Eric Van Tol

    Eric Van Tol Member

    Thanks, Jamie, though, I cannot express how disappointing that is to hear. There are so many great features in Kayako, I'm amazed that no one ever thought of the possibility that one user might be associated with more than one organization.
  20. cobaltje

    cobaltje Member

    My company also really need this.
    Our customers are Bigger company's. They provide to city's, and then we have client within a city.

    So client = User |City = Organization | Company = Bigger Organization.

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