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.NET C# API Help Needed

Discussion in 'Developing, APIs and extending' started by Terry Rogers, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Terry Rogers

    Terry Rogers New Member

    I am attempting to create a console application in VB.NET using this .NET library but am having little success.

    The aim is to be able to pass the console application the parameters to automatically create a ticket.

    At present I am trying a simple search, but even this I cannot get to work.

    I have added the reference (Fig 1) and have tried to create the correct code based upon what is doumented here (http://wiki.kayako.com/display/DEV/Csharp .NET API Library#Csharp.NETAPILibrary-LibraryFramework) - Fig2.

    I however get a large volume of compiler errors.

    Is this API not usable within a VB.NET app or have I got something wrong?

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  2. Terry Rogers

    Terry Rogers New Member

    For reference to anyone else who has this problem, it turned out to be a change in .NET Framework was needed. By default VB.NET uses the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile framework, you need to change this to use the full .NET Framework 4 framework.

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