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New Kayako Version

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by dragoscalin, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. dragoscalin

    dragoscalin Established Member


    Since the version 4.40.1148 published in 03 May 2012 no other version of the software was released until today ( August 2012 ) and we need bug fixes and improvements especially in the following areas:

    - some better manual for the scripting language for the reports, try and error is not very efficient.
    - reports possibility to email them and and schedule auto email delivery to management and customers
    - possibility to force the staff to input billing information before they can close the ticket ( we avoid a lot of administrative work later or potential conflicts with the customers ).
    - is any plan to add ITIL features ( asset management , problem management , incident management ) out of the box in the tool , some of the competing solutions have this.
    - auto-notification for mobile clients (IOS/Android) - otherwise you need manually to check the tickets and sync them which is not very efficient and productive plus you drain the battery much faster.
    - possibility to have admin and staff IP based access separated , we want to allow the staff from more locations and restrict the admin access to the tool to fewer.
    - option to have client site certificate authentication for the staff and admin access ( stronger security ) then simple password.

    We are very grateful to Kayako, is a good tool and we use it every single day but we would like to see that the improvements continue to be delivered in a timely fashion not with such long intervals.
  2. scravid

    scravid Established Member

    I have to agree here. I appreciate the need to do thorough testing on new releases etc, but the release schedule appears to have been a little sluggish of late.

    Perhaps it would help customer's expectations if you established some kind of rhythm - many of our key software suppliers output a new quarterly build.
  3. Tom Lesniak

    Tom Lesniak Established Member

    Also I don't see why they can't give an estimated release date. Rather than keep us in the dark then spring releases on us. If they know that they aren't planning a release for 4 months, just come out and say that rather than keep us hanging on and hoping that it will be any day now.

    It's been a couple of days over 3 months since the last build, so if they did release quarterly a new build should be released any day now. I think that 3-4 months should be a long enough timeframe to get new items into the software and fix some of these issues (especially since some of the fixes are posted in JIRA or in the forums so if you are self hosted you can apply them anyway).

    And documentation (especially since it's only available online at the kayako.com site) doesn't need to be timed to coincide with the software release date (unless it's new or updated functionality). Getting some of the things documented that there is currently no or lacking documentation on would be nice. (i.e fields available to KQL)
  4. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    The next update is due any time now and is quite substantial, containing a number of under-the-hood changes (hence the delay). We've had to update a number of peripheral systems too, as well of course a rigorous testing schedule.

    Thanks, appreciate it :)

    Not so much sluggish, but different kinds of updates take different lengths of time. Admittedly, though, this one took longer than expected.

    If that was the case, we would say that - but it isn't. One is at the end of the pipeline right now.
    Yep, I agree. We'll work on improving that, thank you for the feedback!
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  5. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    What kind of information would you be looking for?

    On the roadmap!

    Not quite on the roadmap, but we'll keep this in mind.

    We don't have any plans to offer this out of the box at this time.

    On the roadmap too.

    Interesting request, I've made a note, thanks.

    Although we are working on authentication enhancements, certificate authentication isn't on the roadmap at this time.
  6. dragoscalin

    dragoscalin Established Member


    Thanks for feedback , regarding the things discussed my comments are below:

    Regarding reports , we need a full description of the structure of the fields that can be used for reports , a more detailed information about the syntax and the functions available.

    About billing , I see it as not a very large modification but the impact is significant for reports since is very hard later on to inquiry the engineers about the amount of work performed and how much of that can actually be consider for billing to the customer.

    Regarding the ITIL part we are most affected by the lack of asset management since is very hard to track and monitor the status of the equipment , its service status , incidents associated to it warranty terms.
  7. chrisrouse

    chrisrouse Reputed Member

  8. dragoscalin

    dragoscalin Established Member

    Yes I sow the plugin/extension but as we look over it is more like an add on and is lacking full integration with kayako:

    - reporting is hard to be made to take into account the info from the asset management ( I talk about the report module of kayako software ).
    - when new version of kayako appears we need to do additional testing to be sure if the add on is fully compatible.
  9. dragoscalin

    dragoscalin Established Member


    Also since we start talking about the additional improvements couple of things that I collected as feedback from my colleagues are:

    - When you access the staff page from an ip address that is not allowed you get the message " you are not allowed to connect from ip x.x.x.x" , we think that is better to have the option somehow to be redirected to the users/customer site without notification - probe attacks will be harder to be executed like this.

    - For knowledge base it be useful to have a better print option that is formatting the article so the client can have a better looking print ( not just print via the browser function and to display the whole html page ).

    - Email encoding processing , are situations when a customer is sending a table in an email , when the email is getting processed by the tool the contents of the table become plain text and the data is messed up, becoming useless.

    - Possibility to easy customize the email notifications , for example we don't have the name of the organization for which the ticket was open , we need to figure out after the contact name or his/her email address. At least somehow the block of text to be separated: ticket identification ( id ,url , organization, user name, email ) some space ticket details ( dep , staff, type, status ) some space sla details ( SLA , priority , created, updated , due, resolution due ) some space and then the text - easier to read and follow.

    - Possibility to restrict the right of the staff to delete tickets from the mobile application and a way to apply a policy also on the mobile app as we can do it on the staff page itself.

    - Possibility when you open a new ticket to search after organization name so you can add contacts from there , not all the engineers know every contact from every customer

    - Notification to the staff when a ticket is getting deleted.
  10. InFloW

    InFloW Member

    Will this new version fix the mail parser? It's extremely frustrating to have some user send us a badly formed email or even one with a large attachment and watch our ticket queue stop working until someone goes and deletes the problematic email. It even blocks other departments meaning if we have our support queue get blocked any queues after it will not even parse.
  11. dragoscalin

    dragoscalin Established Member


    Regarding the release, do you have an estimate for it ?
  12. scravid

    scravid Established Member

    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for the response on this.

    I understand that software sometimes takes longer than expected to deliver, but it would be helpful to see the roadmap?


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