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New Paid Support Module

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by ironfist, Aug 24, 2014.


Are you interested in FusionPay module

  1. Yes I would be willing to split the cost

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  2. I would be interested to buy a copy when it is done

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  1. ironfist

    ironfist Established Member

    We have been developing a paid support module for a couple of months now, however it has proved to be more expensive then we originally thought, and we cannot afford to continue the development right now.
    We have already spent $2.5k and it is about 30% done.
    So I was wondering if anyone else might be interested in such a module and willing to share the cost or alternately interested to buy a copy when completed. the cost is of course going to depend how many contributors there are.
    Obviously anyone contributing to the cost would get the full source code and access to the original developer.

    I have attached our current spec, please note that we have intentionally kept it as simple as possible to reduce cost and complexity as much as possible. Also we learned a lot after using the now defunct SupportPay which was incredibly buggy and we feel tried to do too much which made it overly complex. We also learned that trying to automatically assign and process paid tickets also caused a lot of grief where customers got billed for tickets which should not have been billable or customers should have been billed but were not because something did not work right, or the person submitting the ticket did not have or was not linked to an account to be billed through. This is why we have opted to go down the route of manually processing and verifying PAID tickets. We don't do enough of them on a weekly basis for this to be a problem, YMMV.

    Obviously if you wanted to get additional functionality added then you could easily get this done afterwards.

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  2. brooky

    brooky Established Member

    Hi, I am considering writing a Stripe Integration so that tickets can only be sent to certain departments if an active payment subscription is in place.

    This is going to probably be a couple of weeks work which I would like to sell for around $500 a go. I'm going to look into this deeper tomorrow but will post back my findings.

    I expect it will work along the lines forcing login for certain departments and checking active subscription.
  3. brooky

    brooky Established Member

  4. Evert Jor

    Evert Jor New Member

    I'm intersted in a similar solution to this. Where do I get it?
  5. Oscar Glad

    Oscar Glad New Member

    Hi! I'm also very interested. Is this available?
  6. DJ Alex

    DJ Alex New Member

    Hi, so we have at the moment no programers by side, but interested to help in finance the growing and use if ready.

    Can we then also buy support tickets, our, or plans in whmcs?

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