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New User - LDAP password

Discussion in 'Customizing, extending and styling Kayako 3' started by GouthamKoushik, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. GouthamKoushik

    GouthamKoushik New Member

    Hi, whenever I create a new user in kayako, I need to read his password from the Active Directory Ldap. Also I should not allow user to change his password from kayako. How to achieve this? Please give me your ideas.
  2. gaz

    gaz Member

    you cant read a database password from Active directory as it is encrypted. Just use the ldap loginshare
  3. GouthamKoushik

    GouthamKoushik New Member

    I have tried the Loginshare module, but it is not recognizing the staff. I still need to use the password stored in kayako database.
  4. Jalal Araidah

    Jalal Araidah Member

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