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No longer recording data in [swcalls] ?

Discussion in 'Technical chat' started by Steven Keclik, May 17, 2017.

  1. Steven Keclik

    Steven Keclik Member

    We've recently found an issue with our Kayako system.

    We've always run data queries (from SQL Server through to Kayako database) against the [swtickets] table - and are able to run the following (simple example):
    select top 20 dateadd(S, swtickets.dateline, '1970-01-01') as datelinedatetime, swtickets.*
    from kayako...swtickets as swtickets
    order by swtickets.ticketid desc
    This yields good data - with the latest ticket as seen through Kayako (this morning).

    However when we run a query against the [swcalls] table we've found that there are no entries since mid December 2016.
    So running the following:
    select top 20 dateadd(S, swcalls.dateline, '1970-01-01') as startdatetime, dateadd(S, swcalls.enddateline, '1970-01-01') as enddatetime, dateadd(S, swcalls.lastactivity, '1970-01-01') as lastactivity, callid, phonenumber, callguid, userid, userfullname, duration, isclicktocall, callstatus, calltype
    from kayako...[swcalls]
    where callstatus NOT IN (3)
    and len(phonenumber) > 8
    order by callid desc
    ... has a last entry dated 2016-12-15 11:25:02 - albeit we've had many calls since.

    Is anyone able to advise why the recording of data in the [swcalls] may have suddenly stopped 6 months ago ?
    And advise how we might be able to restart this so we have records of these in the database ?
    From the 'Admin CP' - Settings / Live Support / Click to Call Settings - we have 'Record phone calls' set as 'No' currently.
    But can't think we've changed this.

    Thanks in advance.


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