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No longer recording data in [swcalls] ?

Discussion in 'Technical chat' started by Steven Keclik, May 17, 2017 at 9:34 AM.

  1. Steven Keclik

    Steven Keclik Member

    We've recently found an issue with our Kayako system.

    We've always run data queries (from SQL Server through to Kayako database) against the [swtickets] table - and are able to run the following (simple example):
    select top 20 dateadd(S, swtickets.dateline, '1970-01-01') as datelinedatetime, swtickets.*
    from kayako...swtickets as swtickets
    order by swtickets.ticketid desc
    This yields good data - with the latest ticket as seen through Kayako (this morning).

    However when we run a query against the [swcalls] table we've found that there are no entries since mid December 2016.
    So running the following:
    select top 20 dateadd(S, swcalls.dateline, '1970-01-01') as startdatetime, dateadd(S, swcalls.enddateline, '1970-01-01') as enddatetime, dateadd(S, swcalls.lastactivity, '1970-01-01') as lastactivity, callid, phonenumber, callguid, userid, userfullname, duration, isclicktocall, callstatus, calltype
    from kayako...[swcalls]
    where callstatus NOT IN (3)
    and len(phonenumber) > 8
    order by callid desc
    ... has a last entry dated 2016-12-15 11:25:02 - albeit we've had many calls since.

    Is anyone able to advise why the recording of data in the [swcalls] may have suddenly stopped 6 months ago ?
    And advise how we might be able to restart this so we have records of these in the database ?
    From the 'Admin CP' - Settings / Live Support / Click to Call Settings - we have 'Record phone calls' set as 'No' currently.
    But can't think we've changed this.

    Thanks in advance.


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