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Discussion in 'Feedback and suggestions' started by Joe Jordan, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Joe Jordan

    Joe Jordan Member

    As a long-time customer of Kayako, I am very disappointed to see the company kill off what in my opinion made the software great: providing a self-hosted solution that allowed a company to "own" its data. The ability to truly own one's data is being lost, and I have remained a customer for over a decade based on Kayako's recognition and accommodation of this important feature.

    Unfortunately, unless a self-hosted option is added to v5, I will have to say goodbye to Kayako. I am currently looking for viable alternatives, please PM me if you have any solution suggestions that satisfy this important requirement.
  2. neonardo

    neonardo Member

    Couldn't agree more. Given my line of work going with a "cloud" solution is simply not an option. That, and the immense amount of customizations we make to the software integrating it with our systems will not be possible with any cloud solution, and even if it were, I'd never open my systems up to the Kayako "cloud" in the ways that'd be necessary to let the two systems talk.

    Also open to being PMd for alternatives. Kayako started as a humble player in the hosting industry, which has now been all but abandoned. They got too big for their own britches....not that the product was overly impressive since v3 anyway. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.
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  3. aliensx

    aliensx Established Member

    (Not even mentioning the yearly pricing difference even with the discount!)
  4. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

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  5. nsti

    nsti Member

    I to would love to hear of any solid self-hosted option as well. Working with some of our nonprofit organizations require us to keep information private per HIPPA regs.. Cannot do that in a hosted environment not to mention servers that are off shore of the US.

  6. AndyW

    AndyW Established Member

    Unhappy to see a 18 month upgrade or you are on your own notice by Kayako.

    Fail to understand why kayako cannot launch version 5 as a parallel product while supporting legacy products for security and maintenance issues for a longer time period. Why force customers to lesser feature complete system today.

    If I were to do this, we would keep Kayako 4 patched & supported for atleast 3-5 years or till kayako 5 is feature complete. Then start the discount program asking legacy clients to move to cloud.

    There is a proverb 'The ones who forget those who have helped them reach where they are today are doomed to fall tomorrow'
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  7. Same situation. EU residency is not sufficient for me as I will not hand over our own customer data to a 3rd party without having any proper jurisdiction over it either. Instead of extending support in Nov 2016, we will continue running with the perpetual license until we have migrated to another on-premise solution. Our South African legislation is very similar to HIPPA and we will not be able to host private information outside our borders.

    I have not spend much time on it, but shortlisted and (probably more feature rich). We also had some discussion a while back with Freshdesk where they were open to provide an on-premise solution.

    When it comes to the SaaS offering, I think there are many other solutions (Zendesk) out there which provide more proven functionality. Just looking at how long it took Kayako to introduce a mobile-friendly version and how many promised features have been deferred, I am not convinced that the Cloud solution will be tangible. Pricing is almost identical to Zendesk and if a competitor like Zendesk wants to take over the Kayako market, they can just drop their pricing.
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  8. meltemi

    meltemi Established Member

    suppose .. you don't want to.
  9. Jeff-Net

    Jeff-Net Member

    I just researched SupportPal. They have a paid migration service to move from Kayako. I've contacted them to determine costs.
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  10. I actually started to look at DeskPro and found it a very good fit for us. We will evaluate it in a few months as their support team is currently working on an importer. The underlying technology is a stock-standard LAMP/LEMP install and the feature set is pretty much identical to Kayako v4 (in some cases I would think it is more sophisticated).

    SupportPal might be a tangible option, but on the surface it feels not as polished as DeskPro.
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  11. cobaltje

    cobaltje Member

    I must say after testing the 'new' version, we are also disappointed.
    At my company we alse bussy making a total new software packet from scratch, but with everything in it from the older versions + new things.

    We feel kayako does the opposite. New software packet with new features, but they removed the old features instead. :(
  12. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    What things do you need that are missing cobaltje? Some things are not finished yet, and will be getting added soon. Other things might look like they are missing, but might have been rolled into a bigger product ability, e.g. there is 5 or 6 things which were all rolled into our new automation rules. Which was then further expanded with even more options and abilities.

  13. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    A download version. ;)
    Forgive my disbelief, Gary, but that's the same story we'd been told in v4 for literally YEARS. Many of the things we were told were "on the way" and "being added soon" were instead brought into v5 and any v4 inclusion abandoned. Some of the threads I saw marked completed recently were started in 2011 and even earlier.
    It sounds like a "party line" to keep saying that. No offense intended.
  14. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Bear,

    No offense taken, I would be the first to admit the releases for v4 have taken too long, there is a whole list of reasons behind that, but it is what it is.

    For the new Kayako, this is very different, we use a continuous release cycle, there are new updates to Kayako being pushed daily. We will be summarizing these updates every week, e.g.

  15. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    This is also the same "party line", Gary, but what I'd expect from employees.
    The point, seemingly missed or ignored, is that we were lied to. The items left off v4 (classic), were not left off simply because of slow development, they were taken to v5, skipping v4 entirely. This move appears to have been planned for a long time indeed, and the lack of any indication of it from Kayako's end a way to keep the money coming in while they developed their new version.
    Hard to take that calmly.
  16. Shamil

    Shamil Established Member

    Yep, we're doing that as well, though we will likely open-source it.

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