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Office 365 SMTP error

Discussion in 'Technical chat' started by Peter O'Halloran, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. Peter O'Halloran

    Peter O'Halloran New Member

    Hello Kayako Community

    I have been having trouble for the last 2 weeks - and it has only just started.

    When a user raises a ticket they have been receiving a 405 error. (note as of today it is now the user "friendly" error message). Kayako support have informed me it was timing out on the SMTP mail service. But... the users still received their email, and support team still received theirs.

    Note - Now that users are getting the "friendly" error message, they no longer get the email - as of today.

    Only thing is - we have not changed our SMTP service... Office 365...

    And - the confusing thing to me is that I can still send emails/replies via Kayako interface within the ticket. Isn't that using the same SMTP settings?

    Do I need to do anything on Office365 (mail flow connectors???) or anywhere else?

    Desperately Seeking answers!!!


    FYI The error (header):

    Router: .../Tickets/Submit/Confirmation
    Uncaught Exception: Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "helpdesk@XXXXX.com.au" using 2 possible authenticators in ./__swift/thirdparty/SwiftMailer/classes/SwiftMailer/Transport/Esmtp/AuthHandler.php:181

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