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Opening Kayako New Ticket in an iframe

Discussion in 'Developing, APIs and extending' started by Errol, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Errol

    Errol Member

    We have built our own CRM system, and use Kayako as a stand alone system to send emails to customers.
    The issue is that we have a lot of brands and different emails for each brand.
    So it is easy for the agent to select the wrong department, which means that the email goes out with the wrong email address.

    Is it possible to open the new ticket window, as an iframe within our CRM?

    As I see it, we would have a button on our CRM that would open the New Ticket page.
    It would pass through the relevant department, from email address customer email, etc. So these are already defaulted in the page.
    We would then continue as currently.

    This way we could still use all of Kayako's functionality, like Macro and template management, etc.
    And not do huge development, with APIs, etc.
    Just open the page, and preset some parameters.

  2. Errol

    Errol Member

    Hi, based on the fact that there haven't been any replies, should I assume that this isn't possible?

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