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percentiles in kql

Discussion in 'Kayako reports (Kayako Classic)' started by Joe Graw, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. Joe Graw

    Joe Graw Established Member

    is it possible to produce kayako kql reports that calculate percentiles instead of averages? for example, i am more interested in looking at my 90th percentile first reply time vs the average first reply time.

    thanks in advance
  2. Phil R

    Phil R Established Member

    KQL does not offer sufficient access to the underlying SQL engine to provide this directly.

    You would either need to take the raw data and post process this, such as from a CSV export in Excel (or similar); or

    You would need to write your reports in pure SQL and provide them in some other format.

    Although we don't use percentile (though I believe we should for some of our measures in conjunction with existing stuff), we do already perform 95% of our reports outside of KQL, through a combination of automated email reports and a in-house analytics suite.

    We do this, as KQL is just not upto the job. This is not a criticism, but something even Kayako recognise, as highlighted in the release of V5. KQL was attempting to re-invent a wheel.
  3. Joe Graw

    Joe Graw Established Member

    Thanks Phil, that is what i was thinking as well, but wanted to confirm.

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