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  1. cxtsupport

    cxtsupport Established Member

    We're looking to build a new server and wanted to upgrade our PHP version to 7, was wondering when you think Fusion will be able to support PHP7. Are we looking 2016, early in the year, way down the road?
  2. Sukhpreet Kaur

    Sukhpreet Kaur Staff Member


    I am afraid that PHP version 7 isn’t supported yet. We are always adding support for newer versions of PHP but it would definitely take time while we go in for PHP version 7 support. As you already know to make new PHP version compatible, it needs to go through various levels of testing, so it won’t be possible to do it in minimal timeframe. It will likely take some time to go for it, not expected in early 2016.

    Let me know if you have any further feedback/queries for us.

    Sukhpreet Anand
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  3. chrisholgate

    chrisholgate New Member

    I was wondering if you any any further updates regarding this at all?

    We've upgraded our server to the latest version of PHP and have successfully updated our own software but are having to force Kayako back to PHP 5.x through .htaccess.

    Many thanks.

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  4. MarkIngles

    MarkIngles Established Member

    Any update?
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  5. dotboost

    dotboost Established Member

    I just tested Kayako 4 Download on a PHP7 server.

    Is not working , the adodb5 library is not compatible with PHP7

    There are any plans to make Kayako 4 Download compatible with PHP7 ?

    I am asking because PHP 5.6 will receive active support only until December 2016.
    And we are left with one year of Kayako 4 Download running on an un-maintained php version
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  6. mikeonline

    mikeonline Established Member

    The Server Requirements page says "PHP 5.4 or later is required" -- which implies that PHP 7 is supported.

    The Server Requirements page should be edited to state that PHP 5.4, 5.5 or 5.6 is required, and that PHP 7 is not yet supported.

    - Michael
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  7. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi there,

    PHP 7 support is scheduled for release 4.76 ( which is the one after the release we are working on atm )

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  8. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    PHP 7 support is scheduled for 4.76, so it is not the next release, but the one after.

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  9. Mark Anderson

    Mark Anderson New Member

    Any news on when we might expect PHP 7 support? Originally kayako said "early 2016." (Sukhpreet Anand) then the last think I heard was
    'PHP 7 support is scheduled for 4.76 (Gary McGrath). If you can give us some idea of a release date that would be great.

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  10. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Mark,

    We have just released 4.75 yesterday, so 4.76 ( which includes PHP 7 ) is the next release we are working on. I cannot give an actual timeframe yet, as we are just starting the process, but it will likely be a couple of months before we are ready to push it.

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  11. Mark Anderson

    Mark Anderson New Member

    THanks Gary,

    I was not aware that 4.75 had just been released. I was concerned that with
    your swap to a only hosted system that you might not honor the PHP 7 support
    that was previously promised. So I am glad to hear that you will.

    I have been a kayako customer for 12+years and own one of the unlimited
    agent licenses. I am disappointed that you have chosen to stop the self-hosted
    option :( If your customers voice means anything, I would ask you reconsider
    this move.


    Mark Anderson
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  12. dotboost

    dotboost Established Member

    4.76 was released several days ago
    Is it supporting php 7 ?
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  13. dotboost

    dotboost Established Member

    Just tested it, is still NOT working on PHP7

    Hmm, it was promised that on 4.76 release will be PHP7 support....
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  14. StrangeWorld

    StrangeWorld New Member

    We really need that PHP 7 support!
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  15. Xolphin

    Xolphin Member

    Is there any update about this? We are waiting over a year now for PHP 7 support...
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  16. CyberCr33p

    CyberCr33p Established Member

    I don't think they will add PHP 7 support before all clients licenses expire and need to pay with the new license model (subscription payments).
  17. Hakan

    Hakan Member

    I have been using Kayako since 2006, our classic license subscription ends at the beginning of June 2017.

    Anybody from Kayako has an answer can we see PHP 7 anytime soon or CyberCr33p right?
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  18. sergioag

    sergioag Member

    It's a shame that this question goes unanswered, even if it was promised a while ago. Guess we'll have to wait until our support runs out and then just modify it ourselves, which we would've avoided, but with the expensive new prices it's the only option we have.
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  19. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi folks - PHP 7 is something we're actively looking into. There's a much larger number of pre-PHP7 dependencies in the Kayako framework which we didn't realise before. We'll keep you updated!
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  20. sergioag

    sergioag Member

    As a test, I am trying to run Kayako 4.78.1 on PHP 7 (7.0.15). Things are going surprisingly well, with just 1 major issue so far. If you want to try out, here is what I did:

    1. Edit __swift/library/Exception/class.SWIFT_Exception.php, line 166, changing E_STRICT for E_WARNING. This is because the error "Declaration of XXXX must be compatible with YYYY" previously was of type E_STRICT, but now is E_WARNING. We can safely ignore it (as in PHP 5).
    2. Replace __swift/thirdparty/adodb5 with the latest stable version of ADOdb (5.20.9 as of this time). Additionally, you need to go to datadict directory (inside adodb5) and copy datadict-mysql.inc.php to datadict-mysqli.inc.php, while modifying mysql to mysqli (class name, $databaseType and you're done).

    After this, I could make a clean install of Kayako and some very light testing here and there didn't reveal anything wrong. The only issue (more or less serious) I find is that if I go to the Staff or Admin CP like:


    The page will load badly, since the URLs for images and CSS will be like this: http://xxxxxxx/admin/__swift/themes/client/images/kayako-logo-blue.png (note the stale "admin" there). But if you add index.php to the end of the URL, it works fine.

    Admittedly, I haven't tested almost anything of Kayako and I know that sometimes things just seem to work, just to fail at some corners. But this offers a good hope for us who won't be able to renew support due to the increased prices, at least for some time.
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