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  1. MichelZ

    MichelZ Member

    It took you one year to notice that you have many more dependencies on PHP 5?
    That doesn't sound very professional IMHO.

    Please keep us updated, we would like to switch to PHP7, too.
    Also, is there a new timeframe that you are looking into now?
  2. ogbranny

    ogbranny Member

    We're also hoping for php7 support asap.
  3. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    No, we've been aware of it for a long time and with each release have been gradually updating and replacing various libraries. This is why (as Sergio reports: http://forums.kayako.com/threads/php-7.44858/#post-185519) Kayako pretty much works with PHP7 already. We're not far off now.

    The data flow in the Kayako framework is very complex, so we opted to do this gradually rather than in a big fat update which would touch pretty much every aspect of the codebase.

    Thank you for your patience
  4. gatsu000

    gatsu000 New Member

    Jamie, you have to understand this from your customer's point of view. We all understand that you really want people to get off the kayako classic. You wanted it so bad that you were going to stop all support for it but then quickly realized how bad of an idea it was then backed out. Kayako classic has gotten mainly just bug fixes for years. There are major things that need to be corrected such as PHP 7 that don't take that long to complete but you have been stalling and it is clear why. Your new support options are priced astronomically higher than they previously were. So, here is the most likely thing that will happen.

    Shortly after your last customers' paid updates from the old plan expires you'll suddenly have many new updates and features for kayako classic that you've been holding back for years. You've decided to do this because you see that many of your customers aren't actually moving over to your new support plans for kayako classic or moving to the new kayako and you're doing literally everything you can to get them to move over. Sadly though many of your customers such as ourselves see no value in paying massively more (in some cases 4x+ as much) for a product that isn't being improved upon or updated with anything other than bugfixes.

    If you truly want to retain customers you should release these fixes and improvements ASAP because right now you're showing literally no value in upgrading to the more expensive plans. You don't need to give them everything in the new kayako, but at least make sure your classic is actually being supported and updated as it should be. With your current business plan you are going to lose a lot of customers to competitors simply due to your business practices and lack of product value. Releasing these updates after the fact will not see the massive boost you were hoping for it is simply another mistake just like announcing eol with classic last year. Very few businesses will be willing to pay your much higher price tag after the fact if you've already destroyed your product's image.
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  5. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    gatsu000 - I'm thinking the thing you'd like me to take away from that is "release more updates for Kayako Classic"? We're on it

    You can upgrade a legacy perpetual license to the new continued support plans at any point, so there isn't a timing issue per se.

    You needn't have any concerns about the viability of the new continued support plans and what they mean for Kayako Classic: demand for them has been great, and the number of customers on the new continued support plans already far outstrips those with remaining support on their perpetual licenses (but, obviously, there's a mix of people who have upgraded with a view to moving to the new Kayako, and those who are staying with Kayako Classic). Knowing what we know now and the support we could have secured from existing customers for the Kayako Classic product, we'd never have put together an end-of-life plan!
  6. MichelZ

    MichelZ Member

    Another couple of months have passed. How is it looking with PHP7 support?
    Also, you say "it pretty much works", what are the things that don't work and that are holding PHP7 support back?

  7. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    As a guess, the last few holdouts on the old pricing. ;)
  8. ogbranny

    ogbranny Member


    3. Edit __swift/apps/base/admin/class.View_Template.php, line 152. Replace "continue;" with "return;".
  9. ogbranny

    ogbranny Member

    Still no update regarding PHP7, this is starting to get embarrassing.
  10. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    I think you meant "glacially". ;)
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  11. jcarrasquillopr

    jcarrasquillopr New Member

    Well we are a couple of weeks away from celebrating a happy birthday to this issue.

    That's one of the reason I stop paying for support and Im currently downloading Deskpro to test it. We cannot wait more the security team is driving us crazy due to the old version of PHP.
  12. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    I was hoping for PHP 7 support rather than a new "design" in Classic 4.90. Would have made sense to consider renewing under the new license system.
  13. sergioag

    sergioag Member

    @supportskins: exactly to the point.

    With just a little longer than a year remaining on PHP 5.6 support (see: http://php.net/supported-versions.php ) one would expect some more work to move out of it. Yes, the new style looks great but, given the timeframe for PHP 5.6 retirement, it simply looks like the cheapest and easiest way of trying to convince people that there's still some value in a product that is clearly very low on your priority list.
  14. selea

    selea New Member

    So PHP 7.0 is still not supported? And as mentioned above - 5.6 is only one year until retirement and still no 7.0 or greater support.
    I guess, it is time to look at other solutions?
  15. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    Low? This thread is nearly two years old now. To ignore a real need and instead push out a bit of window dressing speaks volumes about the attention being given to this. More and more I'm convinced the continuation of this version was to simply shut off the complaints about it being EOL'ed and let it die on it's own from onerous pricing and incredibly delayed updating. The few that remain on this, but at the new pricing, are basically subsidizing the SAAS version's development, since that's where all the attention is for Kayako.
  16. jacksony

    jacksony Member


    We are still waiting for PHP 7 due to its bugfixes and performance improvement over the previous. And more importantly all the rest of our scripts are all PHP 7 compatible already.

    Hope to hear good news in few more months!
  17. jeffshead

    jeffshead Established Member

    @sergioag, @ogbranny - Have either of you encountered any other issues or code that needs to be edited for PHP7?
  18. sergioag

    sergioag Member

    Nothing besides what I already wrote about in this thread, even with 4.90.0.
  19. jeffshead

    jeffshead Established Member

    Thanks for the response. I tried with PHP 7.1.x and got other errors as soon as I logged in. It seems mcrypt has been deprecated and several kayako files use it.
  20. sergioag

    sergioag Member

    Don't know if it makes a big difference, but I'm using PHP 7.0.23.

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