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  1. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    PHP 7 was released in December of 2015, nearly 3 years ago. Kayako "classic" still not compatible as being sold today (if anyone is willing to pay the huge price). I'd imagine the version they host is compatible, since most of the "feature requests" that sat ignored were rolled (only) into that version way back when.
    They wanted this download version to die. They've mostly succeeded, I'd suggest.
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  2. CyberCr33p

    CyberCr33p Established Member

    The new company tries to recover money after they bought a failing product. This is not going to happen as most people will still use an outdated version of kayako with PHP 5.6 as long as they can and then they will switch to something else.
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  3. MvdL79

    MvdL79 New Member

    100% true

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