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PHP ActiveDirectory child domains

Discussion in 'LoginShare' started by Narbeh, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Narbeh

    Narbeh New Member

    Hello All,
    I'm happy to be a part of the members of this forum,

    I'm trying to implement PHP AD LDAP Authenticator. I have managed to set it up so I can authenticate parent domain users.

    example.local (parent domain)

    As I have other child domains:

    I cannot make it authenticate other child domains.

    I have tried connecting to port 3268 on LDAP to be able to search all forest but Kayako seems cannot athenticate them.
    Can anyone help me regarding this?

  2. Narbeh

    Narbeh New Member

    I have made progress by connecting to GlobalCatalog of parent domain by port 3268 and look for unique email address
    Ldap query -> (mail=emailaddress@domain.com)

    I want to know How I can pass "mail" to adLdap to look for "mail" instead of samAccountname (I guess this is what is searched by the script


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