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PHP API Class - Replying to a Ticket

Discussion in 'Developing, APIs and extending' started by keliix06, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. keliix06

    keliix06 Established Member

    I'm having a little trouble getting the PHP API class to reply to a ticket. First I call

    $ticket = kyTicket::get('***');
    $creator = kyUser::search('***');
    That code returns everything as expected.

    So then I call

    kyTicketPost::createNew($ticket,$creator,'this is another reply');

    I know that's not set to send anything, I'm just testing what's returned. This is what I get

    So the creator isn't passed from what I can see. If I change it to
    kyTicketPost::createNew($ticket,$creator,'this is another reply')->create();

    I get

    Enabled debugging, this is what I get

  2. keliix06

    keliix06 Established Member

    Just had an epiphany while looking at what was being returned. I changed the $creator line to

    $creator = kyUser::search('***')->first();
    and it worked.

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