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Printing ticket

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Jeton, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Jeton

    Jeton Member


    How can i print ticket and can i print custom fields?

  2. CompuConcepts

    CompuConcepts New Member

    We have the same question. We were used to print out the tickets for all inhouse workorders. Since update to V4 we┬┤re missing the print button.
    We need to print some customs fields too.
  3. BrettW

    BrettW Member

    I have created a custom php script that gets the information from the database. You have to jump into the database a bit and look around to find what fields you need and their key values. Let me know if this is of interest to anyone and I will provide the code.

    I too would like to see a print button on the screen. This is essential to what I am using the system for.
  4. smrshl

    smrshl Member

    I'd like to see this - we're looking to do the same thing.

  5. BrettW

    BrettW Member

    As promised, here is the download - http://giverepair.org/files/form.zip

    Let me know if anyone has any questions. It is a jumbled pile of code that is probably not the most secure that it could be and is completely undocumented. I will be happy to answer any questions.

  6. Amzar Hanis

    Amzar Hanis New Member

    hi.. the link seems to be broken. can you update the link please. i really need the file
  7. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

  8. meltemi

    meltemi Established Member

    I have seen that a print button was added in the last build. Good job, Kayako. That is great!
    In addition to that button, I would be very glad to print the whole ticket including custom fields and ticket notes. That would be fabulous ;)
  9. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

  10. meltemi

    meltemi Established Member

  11. Parminder Singh

    Parminder Singh Developer

    Custom fields are already included in print ticket, ticket notes are not there. It shall be added soon.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Parminder Singh
  12. meltemi

    meltemi Established Member

  13. naylard

    naylard Established Member

    Is a print button feature (similar to the staff center which is nice given its formatting) set for the client center ? We have clients that at times wish to print tickets & replys or the confirmation page so I thought I would ask.
  14. Chris Bell

    Chris Bell Established Member

    I hope Notes printing will be optional - I'd not want it to be printed out.

    Also can you Edit the layout of the ticket print ?

    If not does anyone know the php file name.

  15. waael

    waael Member

    as SWIFT-1017 suggest it is been applied,please guide me who to install it
    also mention if is valid for ver 3.7
    i', in need to export or print the custom filed for tickets

  16. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    That is not valid for version 3 I am afraid, I am not sure you can print custom fields at all in version 3 :confused:

  17. meltemi

    meltemi Established Member

    I decided to use two print buttons: [​IMG] for standard prints and [​IMG] for prints with notes.
    The second one sends
    I also put the buttons next to each other in the tabs where Kayako decided to put them.
    And I put another set of these buttons next to the edit button of each post to print only this post. This link sends the something like
    . I changed the print dialogue to look for "part" and to print only the part with the transmitted ticketpostid and to look for "notes" to check if notes should be printed or not.

    Everyone (also Kayako :)) is allowed to use these buttons..
    bhodges likes this.
  18. MarcoForconi

    MarcoForconi New Member

    where i can find and/modify and/or add these custom fields?
    what is the file/template to edit?
  19. Jason Daly

    Jason Daly New Member

    Is the code to include notes when printing available somewhere? I didn't see it in the SWIFT-1017 entry.
  20. bhodges

    bhodges Established Member

    Can you share how to implement this? I really just need to always print notes, but can't seem to find the right place to change the call.


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