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Push Notifications / Alerts

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Marvin Herbold, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Marvin Herbold

    Marvin Herbold Established Member

    We currently have 1 guy using Kayako on Android and his biggest gripe is no push notification / alert to know that a new ticket post has come in. He needs his phone to chime or vibrate otherwise he has to check his phone all the time. The rest of our staff are on iPhones and when the iPhone app is released you can be sure they will all have the same complaint - no push notifications.

    Just posting this so that this doesn't fall under the radar - it's pretty important to us.
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  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Yeah, that would be a nice feature, I think its something to add for version 2 of the applications :)

  3. SteveLV702

    SteveLV702 Kayako Guru

    this should have been something put in at the very get go...
  4. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Doesn't this fall under the same general concept we've discussed in the SMS thread? As that thread mentions, there is no SMS-specific function in Kakayo, but Notifications serves the same purpose. Simply send new ticket notifications to the smartphone address.
    Yeah it would be nice if a K alert was integrated into the phone app, but notifications works now without this. The text alert arrives, you acknowledge it, then click on the K app to view the new tickets.
  5. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    Does the Android app already have push notification?

    I know in Windows Phone, the app when pinned is not updated either with new tickets.

    I totally do not agree with masterctrol1. I think I explained more than enough why SMS are not the same as email alerts. My example of not being able to connect to the Internet, not having 3G coverage, or just moving was more than enough on why SMS is still used by most system admins for critical alerts as opposed to email which is prompt to failure.

    And you compare this now with push notification on phones? How do you expect people would feel if WhatsApp send you an email for each text received instead of using an alert?

    Your claim about just receiving an email alert is honestly just plain dumb. Why would you want to be having to check yet another email address just for notification, having to delete this and having to be informed of this with plenty of other important emails?

    Email is not for push notification. You do not want to have an email account just for receiving 100 emails that are all exactly the same "You have a new ticket", and then having to delete them each one manually.

    This is why phones have alerts in the first place. Kayako should popup an alert which you can dismiss like any other Android alert. You do not want to manage another extra layer of software and application for something as basic as a notification of a new ticket.

    I totally agree with other posters here. The phone app is pretty much useless if it can´t alert of new tickets or new replies. If we want to enter this topic, then why do you even need a phone app in the first place? Just log into the mobile console and receive alerts via standard email. The reason an app is an app is because is mimics the phone OS and tries to use futures you can´t usually use in a website. This means, apps are active animals. They are designed with the phone GUI for an touch easy experience and use the phone features, like alerts, and blink light when you receive a new message, etc. Pin to home, send as less data as possible, only for new checks, etc.
  6. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Geez, someone woke up cranky today. :)
    I said "it would be nice if a K alert was integrated into the phone app" and that feature request still stands.
    My point is there is a current workaround (via text alert) which while clumsy at best, is better than nothing.

    It is odd that push notification wasn't a primary function in the original design for the mobile apps.
    If you can get weather alerts all day long on your smartphone, how hard can it be to add K alerts for new tickets/replies?
    There seems to be a development rule at Kayako that says "80% is good enough, let's move onto the next thing; put anything else on the back burner". The result is core functions that NEVER get finished.
  7. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    This is exactly how I feel about most Kayako products since version 4. There are or where for years links or features that where never finished and where in place for something that "will come", not only complete lacking of documentation on what some things do but most features only partially implemented.

    You resumed it pretty well. It seems the idea is just to be as fast as possible launching a product to say "we have phone apps" but the truth is they never should have left the design board. I completely understand some things, but I also thing that push notifications in this case was a critical mission. I don´t see why else someone would even install a Support App on its phone, if he cannot be notified of new income issues/tickets to handle.

    Yes, email is the only way currently, but why to have the phone app installed at all then? I don´t know a single phone today that cannot handle the full web page interface just fine. So you can actually just log in via your browser, in Android put a widget and have auto log in, and you have something more powerful than installing the Kayako app.

    The whole idea of an app like this, is to automatically get notified of a reply or ticket, click on the notification and you are right away in the ticket with the reply box open. This means "check and reply" with one click. At least that should be the whole idea of a support software, to make things as fast and efficient as possible in order to reduce support times and increase customer care response.

    Otherwise you can just use Outlook instead of a ticket systems and SMS on the go, or just the current mail app. The only way for Kayako and any other Support Software to stay competitive is to focus exactly on a core concept, which is not email in this case, but support cases and customer care.

    If I was the main designed in Kayako I would change to many things in the products. Today its just a glorified web email interface. It does not really take care of customer care. Example, the canned replies cannot even take customers name, so you have 2 options:
    Edit each reply manually before sending which kills the whole purpose of a canned replied as it should be select and send.
    Or send it as it is, and let the customer know you are like a bot that always replies the same things.

    I happen to have to reply the same things over and over to some customers. They would know its a canned, or they even know it but at least putting the name on it makes it more personal.

    Kayako does nothing to really improve customer care. The design is awkward, and it hardly tries to reduce the time you take to do the same things in other software.

    Let me just mention a few basic things.

    Canned replies should be able to use variables like "name" to the canned are send like
    Hello Jim, we are glad to....
    And not Hello, we are glad to...

    If should even be more intelligent and possible take the weather of the country or city of the person. I remember I called a company once and they asked me if it was raining in my city and indeed it was. Of course they had everything on screen but that was a wonderful touch and actually started to talk with the rep about other things.

    Kayako takes to much clicks for the same things. The self support section, or customer portal is just terrible. Most customers cannot find anything, regardless of how many FAQ and content you create, the auto search on tickets is terrible as well, other systems suggest a list of articles and they do an impressive job. Kayako just adds everything very basic.

    Same here with the phone apps. They are just very, very basic to the point there is really no use for them besides just installing them because you use Kayako.

    I'm not cranky by the way. I just want Kayako to work more on quality. They truly do not work like a US or European company. They work more like a third world country software company that is happy by just trying to deliver something and not actually impressing their customers with anything innovative or new. I don´t have creativity myself to invent new stuff, but at least if that is the case you should try to copy what others do and try to do that better and the basic stuff you do, try to deliver it with the highest quality possible. You can always do it better.

    I really wonder what they do all day, because bug fixes are not fast enough and new features either. No wonder some people here on the forum asked if there really was only 1 or 2 developers, because it truly feels like that. A working day has 8 hours. Sometimes months go by before and update and it contains at the best 1 new feature and a couple of bug fixes. We are talking about hundreds of developing hours here.
  8. jnygaard

    jnygaard Member

    Hey Kayako guys,

    Any info on where this (core) feature is on the KM roadmap??? You can setup "notification" for and [Notify App] (=the desktop client), so why not the mobile app???? I totally agree with nibb and the other guys. The app(s) should never have been released with this functionality...
  9. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    There is actually a very big limitation in push (especially for iOS). The issue with apple is they require the server to be apple certified, this means everyone who is self hosted would have to go through this.

    On another post, Jamie mentioned they are looking for a solution and may have to provide a SaaS feature for this. There are obviously a lot of considerations for this.

    And in additionally I disagree that the apps should have never been delivers without it, with the apps yh way they are now, at least we have mobile management of the helpdesk and we also have email notification so it's a workable solution.
  10. jnygaard

    jnygaard Member

    Well. Might have been exaggerated a little, when I say it should not have been release without, but it tends to be a "sleeping pad" when it has been release. Then new features comes much slower...

    On the iOS limitations. why not pass it through kayako.com. That way only one server needs approval. And then they have the option to add a revenue generator on it, if they like...
  11. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    I think that is one of the ideas, but it's not a little task even for Kayako, they have to estimate possible load volumes, do many people will scream if it goes down, then you have to look at the trigger mechanism, build the appropriate functions, lots of testing.

    But it's all possible, it's just about time and money.
  12. jnygaard

    jnygaard Member

    Oh, I know I know. We have 200+ sw engineers here in house, so I see everyday how much time sw development takes. That said, adding notifications to KM should not be a matter of man/years...
  13. Paul Rail

    Paul Rail New Member

    Any news about this feature?
  14. jnygaard

    jnygaard Member

    I get this from Jamie, after emailing him a few times :)

    Sent: 8. september 2012 20:27

    Unfortunately this still isn't on our immediate roadmap (but it is there). We'll get this done at some point. We're bringing some major updates to Kayako Mobile first.

    Thanks for your feedback,

  15. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    As much as I want push notification the iPhone app needs such a major overhaul to be really useful.

    I find it caches old Information, has really badly designed UI and workflow, does not follow the web logic like not showing disabled staff as an example, I not auto changing status on reply, no auto signature etc

    So much so that I really use it, preferring to use the standard Web UI ad scrolling.

    Hopefully the overhaul makes the application a lot more user friendly and worth the time to download and use.
  16. jnygaard

    jnygaard Member

    Thanks for the info Drew. I assume you mean "rarely" and not really???

    Believe it or not, but our main support system is still on v3, so I have not had to use this app for real yet. Kinda sad to hear your comments. Sounds like there is still a market for an add-on that adds a web-app interface to the helpdesk. Like the old \pda page, just tailored to ios/android. would not work offline, but would get rid of the sync issues and be one "app" for all platforms...
  17. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    Yeah I did mean rarely.

    Given the nature of Kayako I personally see a formatted web page to be so much better than an app, it's not much use to have it offline given you need to be working on live data all the time, no point replying to a ticket that was closed by someone else etc. I would have thought it a lot better use of development time to develop a smart web app to detect screen size and display across all device types, then you will have standard functionality and look and feel. You can also have a formatted user interface as well.

    Then to develop an application that provides push services, live chat etc per device I can understand, but for general ticket functionality is an app really the way forward???
  18. jnygaard

    jnygaard Member

    I agree. However, the app could have it's +++ for the staff that travel, if it has proper data compression and cache . Here in Europe, we pay a **** load of €€€ for roaming data. And about 20$/MB!!! when we go to the US. That said, the old supportdesk app for v3, would download everything, every time, so not good use of data. I hope the Kayako app is better in this way. Department, status, tickets etc should have a revision number or something, so only the changed stuff is transferred. Like the exchange active sync protocol does it.

    Anyways. Lets hope Jamie & Co reads some of this :)
  19. brooky

    brooky Established Member

    Any news one this? Can I help pay towards the development!?? I had a look into creating push notifications using the iphone app "Pushover" but the client side of Kayako is very thin on hook locations. There could do with some on client ticket create. I hate having to hack core code.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2014
  20. brooky

    brooky Established Member

    Ok so here is a plugin hook for Pushover (www.pushover.net).
    1. Create the folder "__apps/tickets/hooks"
    2. Create a file in this folder called "client_init.hook"
    3. Add the code content replacing xxx and yyy with your values:
    if(isset($_POST['ticketsubject']) && !empty($_POST['ticketsubject'])) {
        curl_setopt_array($ch = curl_init(), array(
         CURLOPT_URL => "https://api.pushover.net/1/messages.json",
         CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS => array(
           "token" => "xxx", // Your token
           "user" => "yyy", // Your user id
           "message" => $_POST['ticketsubject'],
         CURLOPT_SAFE_UPLOAD => true,
    Hey presto.. push notifications!! :)

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