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Quality Kayako V4 Skin Customization Services

Discussion in 'Offers' started by Mahmmod S., Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Mahmmod S.

    Mahmmod S. New Member

    We're offering a new 15% discount on all of our Kayako V4 Skin Customization, USE Promo Code "15dis", the advantages of this Promo:
    1-You will be able to get our services at discounted prices
    2-You will get 40% Discount on your next order.

    Who exactly are we.
    We are a team of professional web coders who specialize in performing software integrations (Skin Customization) and PSD Markup at the highest quality.

    Kayako V4+ Skin Customization:

    Header, Footer & Main Part Integration.

    Dedicated Web Coder to to take care of you.

    Amazing Support Services.

    100% Money Back Guarantee.

    Storing Backups of your template files for 12 Months

    Stylesheet Customization.

    1-2 Business Days Delivery time.

    Kayako V4+ Integration: Pricing Starts at $55

    Custom services
    Do you need more advanced coding, or do you want to re-design the entire Kayako V4+ template or do you need customization services for your custom made software? Generally we can customize almost all web software, so we would love to discuss your requirements. Get a quote now.

    Contact Us:
    Sales Department: sales@aqualityintegrations.com
    Phone: You may schedule a call by sending a message
    Contact Form: Click Here
    You Can Also PM Me.
  2. Mahmmod S.

    Mahmmod S. New Member

    This Promotion is expired.

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