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Discussion in 'Installation and setup (Kayako Download)' started by macjosh, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. macjosh

    macjosh New Member

    I'd love some feedback from people that use this product in a consulting/service oriented shop. Basically we need a calendar to see where techs are daily. Since Kayako v4 doesn't have a calendar how are you scheduling techs?

    For example - customer A creates a ticket and says he wants Joe to come by on Monday at 12, customer B creates a ticket and also requests Joe for Monday - as a dispatcher how can I look at Joe's calendar (within Kayako - or a plugin that likes to google cal or something of the sort) to make sure he is free on Monday?

    If this can't be done, how are you scheduling your techs for onsite visits?

  2. Szentmarjay Tibor

    Szentmarjay Tibor Established Member

    How about to create custom fields for tickets for Support Person and for Scheduled Visit? After they are set up you can set up a view which shows these fields in order and you could also filter on them.

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