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Realtime live chat translation

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by ronei1682, Jul 8, 2012.


Is Real Time Chat Auto Language Translation a MUST HAVE!!!

  1. +10 MUST HAVE NOW!



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  1. ronei1682

    ronei1682 New Member

    The ability to have your staff be perceived to be bilingual without being bilingual!

    Competitors that already have this feature for over a year or two.......


    And many more....

    This feature allows to to type in your native language and it translate it into your clients language and visa versa .... in real time...

    A must have feature to be more competitive using any staff member....!!!
  2. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    My concern with this sort of thing is accuracy of translation.

    There is absolutely no point in having this is the translation is not at least 90+% accurate.
  3. ronei1682

    ronei1682 New Member

    I have tested it and the other systems are 95+% accurate.... very useable, but of course nothing is perfect in life... :)
  4. ianwuk

    ianwuk Member

    I would be very interested in this sort of feature if Kayako made it officially.
  5. MJScott

    MJScott New Member

    Although this may seem like a bad idea if the translation is not accurate enough, I believe most sites make it quite clear as to what their primary clientele is. As a simple example, a site like this one is obviously has an English clientele but they are not necessarily English themselves. In this case, a user from Germany or China would see an absence of a site in their language, perhaps allowing them to overlook spelling mistakes in chat or at least downplay their importance...
  6. Barbara Gagnon

    Barbara Gagnon New Member

    I used LiveAdmins live chat service for my online business They provide accurate real time live chat translation feature

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