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Recommended Allowable HTML Tags

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by tallen-bt, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Tomasz@citizencard

    Tomasz@citizencard New Member

    There are some problems with line breaks in 4.93 (PHP 7+) and some HTML characters.

    We use:

    Enable TinyMCE Editor - No
    HTML handling (on the web and in email notifications) - Strip HTML tags
    HTML handling (for staff replies) - Strip HTML tags

    Allow some HTML tags - YES

    Allowed HTML tags - br,a,b,i,u,font,hr,strong,li,ol,ul
    Allowed HTML attributes - href,rel,src

    The issues:

    1. The line breaks are displayed properly in staff replies editor but after reply is sent, when viewing a ticket, all line breaks are gone (was fine in 4.91). Sent output is OK.

    2. Some HTML characters when used in staff replies e.g. > < or & are encoded to HTML entities &gt; &lt; &amp; in replies and sent as such without being encoded back to symbols meaning email recipient sees &amp; instead of &. This was fine in 4.91

    For both issues see screenshot.

    3. Generally it doesn't seem we can use the tags specified in Allowed HTML tags - br,a,b,i,u,font,hr,strong,li,ol,ul

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  2. Sagi Pael

    Sagi Pael New Member


    im using 4.93 with php 7 too.

    why you are not using tinyMCE? its better..
    i have an issue that the newline is doubled from some reason..

  3. Tomasz@citizencard

    Tomasz@citizencard New Member


    We are not using tinyMCE because it's buggy too in 4.93 - works for replies, doesn't work for ticket forwarding - leaves HTML entities in sent emails e.g <p> tags. A lot of things are broken in 4.93...

    In your case new line might seem doubled because tinyMCE uses HTML <p> tags by default for break lines and standard text. So when you do break line it puts empty paragraph (<p> tags), not <br>.
  4. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    You'd think with the premium price tag on Kayako these days that they'd get the operation right.
    Some things never change, aside from cost.
  5. Richard Kennedy

    Richard Kennedy New Member

    Has anyone been able to resolve the line breaks issue with staff ticket contents in 4.93? Outbound emails and support portal views appear to be fine.
  6. riya001

    riya001 New Member

  7. riya001

    riya001 New Member

  8. havip

    havip New Member

    I'm using 4.01.326 with the modifications for fixing HTML.
  9. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    Nonsense posted to include that sig, I take it?

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