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Reports - Area Graph

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by KarlH, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. KarlH

    KarlH Member

    I've attached an example of what I'd like to be able to do directly with a Kayako report chart. The data was taken from Kayako report, example report script below;

    SELECT count(*) as 'TICKETS' FROM 'Tickets'  WHERE 'Tickets.type' != "null" AND 'Tickets.Creation Date' > mktime(0,0,0,11,01,2014) AND 'Tickets.Creation Date' < mktime (23,59,59,4,01,2016)   
    ORDER BY 'Tickets.Type', 'Tickets.Creation Date'  
    GROUP BY 'Tickets.Creation Date':Year,'Tickets.Creation Date':Month, 'Tickets.Type' 
    But the resulting generated Kayako chart was rubbish, side-by-side bar graphs of no use.


    So I then exported the report data into Excel & formatted the data via a Pivot table, bastardized a few date columns and 15 minutes later I have the chart that I'm looking for;


    I did a search via Dr Google for Kayako Area Chart Graphs, but couldn't find anything of use, so hence I'm logging this as a feature request. Obviously, if it's possible to create such a chart via Kayako Reports I'd be very keen to know. :)
  2. KarlH

    KarlH Member

  3. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    If no one has it after 3 years since this was first posted, it's unlikely. ;)
    Mostly this forum has been abandoned by Kayako (I've seen no sign of staff even visiting for ages), and the pricing/licensing change has had most move away to other solutions (I'd guess). Simple fact is, the "owned" version is all but dead. Unfortunate, but it's what they wanted all along.

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