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Reports that are based on 2 week parameters.

Discussion in 'Kayako reports (Kayako Classic)' started by John Jo, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. John Jo

    John Jo New Member


    I need help trying to generate a report that shows new tickets that

    • Opened in the last 2 weeks
    • Grouped by Organization
    • Containing Ticket Creation Date
    • First Response date
    • Ticket Priority
    • Ticket Status
    I have something like this :

    SELECT 'Tickets.Creation Date', ADDTIME('Tickets.Creation Date', 'Tickets.First Response Time') AS 'Date of First Response', 'Tickets. Subject', 'Tickets.Priority', 'Users.User Organization
    WHERE ‘Tickets.Creation Date’ =Last14Days() , 'Tickets.Status' = "In Progress"

    Im sure that where I’m wrong is the “Tickets.Creation Date” =Last14Days()

    Is there another method in getting a 2 week parameters?

  2. Phil R

    Phil R Established Member

    This would require edits to the KQL library scripts and one of the thirdparty components.

    In the installation, under __swift/apps/base/library/KQL

    Edit: class.SWIFT_KQL.php
    Requires appending last14days to the '$_allowedExtendedFunctionList' variable
    Requires 'Last14Days()' => 'Last14Days()' adding to '$_extendedFunctionList'

    Edit: class.SWIFT_KQLParser.php
    Locate 1st instance of "case 'last7days':"
    Insert before this:
                    case 'last14days':
                        return array($_returnOperator, "'" . SWIFT_Date::FloorDate(strtotime('-14 days')) . "' AND '" . SWIFT_Date::CeilDate(strtotime('today')) . "'");
    Locate 2nd instance of "case 'last7days':"
    Insert before this:
                case 'last7days':
                    return "'" . SWIFT_Date::FloorDate(strtotime('-14 days')) . "'";
    In the installation, under __swift/thirdparty/SQLParser

    Edit Parser.php
    Locate 1st instance of "$_extendedFunctions"
    Add 'last14days' to the array.

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