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Salesforce Config Bench - Easily Manage Your Configuration

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by Tech9logy Creators, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. Tech9logy Creators

    Tech9logy Creators New Member

    We Tech9logy Creators are pleased to announce the official launch of our brand new product Config Bench at http://store.tech9logy.com

    Our product’s main goal is to provide users an easiest way to handle their salesforce configurations. The new product is very interactive and offer many features to handle salesforce configuration in easiest and time saving way. Config Bench contains various features like Bulk object Creator, Bulk Field Creators, FLS, OLS, Validation Rules, Export and Backup Salesforce org.

    Products offers following features:

    Bulk Object Creator – Create/Updates/Delete Bulk Objects in a Single Go

    Bulk Object Field Creator - Create/Updates/Delete Bulk Fields of 16 different types.

    Field level Security (FLS) – View/Assign Fields Level Security (FLS) to multiple Profiles for multiple fields in single click.

    Object Level Security (OLS) – View/Assign Objects Level Permission(OLS) to multiple Profiles for multiple objects in single click.

    Validation Rules – View/update Bulk Validation Rules for an object.

    Export – Export complete configurations (Profile, Objects, Fields, Validation Rules, FLS, OLS)

    Backup – Download Org Config Book in one click in form of excel( with profile comparisons)

    Comparison (Coming Soon) Compare all the data of Salesforce

    We will constantly update our social media pages with helpful information, newsletters, company announcement and articles.

    We hope you will find http://store.tech9logy.com fresh and helpful. We worked hard to make sure it contains all the useful features for the salesfoce users.

    For any support and query contact us at support@tech9logy.com
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2015

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