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Saved drafts inaccessible in mobile apps

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by akuehnemund, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. akuehnemund

    akuehnemund Member

    One feature I would really like to see in any of the mobile apps is to be able to access outgoing messages that were saved as drafts. I mainly use Chrome to access Kayako and I oftentimes start a message to a customer, then save it as a draft to work on again at a later time.
    I can later go back to that saved message, add to it, rework my message, save it again etc. before finally sending it. This works if I do all this on the same computer or if I, say, save the message as a draft on my office computer and later continue working on this message from my laptop. I simply pull up the ticket, click on Reply - and there is my draft.
    However, when I do that from my phone, iPad or Andropid tablet, then the draft is not there. Clicking on Reply opens a blank window.
    I'm not a programmer, so I don't know why this works on a desktop computer, but not on a phone - but if you could add this to the mobile apps, that would be wonderful.


  2. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    Hi Andre, Thank you for your comment.
    Right now it is not a part of the API so, before this can be made available, works needs to be done both on the side of Kayako as well as on the side of the mobile apps.
    Can't say if and how it can be implemented.
  3. akuehnemund

    akuehnemund Member

    Hi Marcel:

    Got it. Thanks much!



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