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Send password in email_ticketautoresponderhtml

Discussion in 'Style and design' started by Francis Longpré, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Francis Longpré

    Francis Longpré New Member

    In version 3, it was possible to add the following lines inside the email_autoresponder template:

    I tried doing the following in version 4:
    <{$_language[aremail]}><{$_ticket[email]}><br />
    <{$_language[arpassword]}><{$_user[userpasswordtxt]}><br />

    but i get the error:
    [SIZE=3][FONT=Candara][COLOR=red][Notice]: Undefined index: _user (cache/dbf25bbaf3295a5b19405e70f9c96dcb.php:30)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

    How may we send the user's password thru the email_autoresponder template?

    Thank you
  2. bs01

    bs01 Established Member

    This rather essential "feature" was removed in version 4 and as far as I know tjere is no easy way to do this. Just one of a number of changes for the worse in V4.
  3. Isaac Simon

    Isaac Simon New Member

    Pinging this topic to see if anyone ever figured this out. It's pretty annoying for new tickets to have to deal with two e-mails (the one with their new account info and the one with their ticket info).
  4. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    It is not possible to recover a users' password - once they have set one (or had one set for them), it is irreversibly hashed. That means, unfortunately, it is not possible to remind users of it with each ticket receipt. This is indeed a security feature we introduced in Kayako 4.
  5. Isaac Simon

    Isaac Simon New Member

    Thanks for the response. We're adding some "lost password" language to the e-mail as a workaround, so at least the customer can be prompted to go get a password if they lose it.
  6. scmartins

    scmartins Member

    Sorry to revive a somewhat old thread, but this security "feature" essentially kills my interest on upgrading to V4.

    I've been a V3 user since 2005 and have worked around the need to login to view the tickets by adding a page where I automatically login the user with his login, password and ticket id: Something like this:


    Most of the tickets are created by email or our own support page (not esupport) so the user never knows his password. Also, my users are not very tech savvy so not having them require an extra step to view or update a ticket is a major plus.

    Now with V4 (which I'm testing right now) I was planning on doing the same thing but according with this thread the password cannot be retrieved and used on the auto reply email.

    Sorry to see that this "feature" was implemented, but I don't want my customers having to reset their password just to view or update a ticket (again, when they submit a ticket they are not required to enter a password).
  7. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

  8. scmartins

    scmartins Member

    Thanks Gary for the reply. I've looked at DirectLogin but it doesn't seem compatible with the latest version and the author seems to have stopped replying to customers questions. It would be a decent solution if there was support for the latest version, but again, this is a feature that I don't understand how it's still absent on V4. Hesk, a free help desk script (although much less advanced than Resolve) comes with such a feature (using only the ticket ID we can view/edit the ticket online).
  9. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Dewak is still in business, I think they just did not update that post, but the issue was resolved for the user, we contacted Dewak just in case, and they confirmed all fine, they will update the post to address concerns

    edit: they replied: http://forums.kayako.com/threads/directlogin-module-for-v4.25835/page-4#post-146357

  10. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

  11. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

    DirectLogin is compatible with 4.40.1148, you need the latest version installed and install a patch. We will update the product later this week at our online store.

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