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Single instance of reported contents.

Discussion in 'Kayako reports (Kayako Classic)' started by Jerry O'Leary, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Jerry O'Leary

    Jerry O'Leary New Member

    While my below is now running and generating instances of the selected contents keyword it's generating multiple entries of the same ticket in the report, every time it finds the keyword in the same ticket.

    I am looking to limit the entries to just the first instance that it finds in the contents so i can get an accurate count of calls/emails on that keyword.

    how do i limit it to just 1 reported instance per call/ticket.

    SELECT'Tickets.Creation Date','Tickets.Ticket Mask ID','Users.Fullname','tickets.type','tickets.subject','Tickets.Priority','Tickets.Status' from 'Ticketposts' where 'ticketposts.contents' like '%Radius%'

    Thank you

  2. Gurpreet Singh

    Gurpreet Singh Staff Member

    Hello Jerry,

    Greetings for the day!

    Please try:

    SELECT 'Tickets.Creation Date','Users.Fullname','tickets.type','tickets.subject','Tickets.Priority','Tickets.Status' from 'Ticketposts' where 'ticketposts.contents' like '%Test%' and 'Tickets.Creation Date' = ThisMonth() GROUP BY 'Tickets.Ticket Mask ID'

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards,
    Gurpreet Singh

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