Completed SLA and Business Hour Rule Issue

Discussion in 'Feedback and suggestions' started by Geeshan, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Geeshan

    Geeshan Member

    The NEW Kayako will not allow you to map a Business Hour Rule to an SLA Plan. You can create a number of Business hour rules, but when you go to specify a Business Hour rule to use under a SLA plan, it only list's a generic Business Hour option, and not the one's we create.
  2. Phil R

    Phil R Established Member

    You will find them allocated to Teams, which completely changes the characteristics associated with them.

    It also likely means you are not going to be able to use teams in the way you think.
  3. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hey Geeshan
    SLAs apply to cases (when they match the criteria of the SLA), teams have an assigned set of business hours, and then cases get assigned to teams. We did this to make the relationship between SLAs and business hours much more flexible than they were in Kayako Classic, where people found they needed to create way more SLAs to achieve different business hour combinations than what was really necessary.

    After speaking to lots of customers, we found that in the vast majority of use cases, there was only an indirect relationship between an SLA and business hour schedule, and instead a direct relationship between a team (a group of agents), the business hour schedule (the hours they work), and then the SLA (the thing that sets the targets for cases).

    So we thought it made more sense to assume that all cases will be assigned to a team of some sort all of the time, assign business hours to a team, and then assign SLAs to cases based on the properties of a case.

    There's a bit of a mental leap between Kayako Classic and the new Kayako with respect to teams. It is sort of like going from Outlook folders (which were Kayako Classic departments) to Gmail labels (which are more like the new Kayako teams): more flexible (agents can belong to multiple teams), but requires a bit of a change in thinking about your workflow.

    What are you trying to achieve exactly? We're happy to help you map your workflow to the new Kayako.
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  4. Geeshan

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    Thank you
  5. Geeshan

    Geeshan Member

    Thanks Jamie, I was just speaking to Michael Caminiti and he was able to to explain the new SLA process, it makes total sense. Thanks!

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