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    Hello Everyone,

    Pretty new to using Kayako (a few weeks) but I noticed something a little odd with the way SLAs are working for me.

    I've created a custom field for organizations called "Partner Level" and I've created SLAs to go along with those partner levels. I've set the SLAs to be applied to conversations based on this custom field of the Organization the conversation belongs to. SLAs get applied correctly, so no problems there.

    The issue I'm facing is that when I put the conversation in a "Pending" or "On Hold" state, the SLA will show as paused in the UI and will not breach SLA so long as I have it set to one of these states. However, I'm expecting that this is a true pause and when I change the state to "Open" that the timer will resume from where I left it paused.

    What seems to be happening is that when I change the state to "Open" the SLA doesn't resume the timer, but elapses all the time from the SLA since I paused it which is often causing it to breach.

    For an example...

    1) New ticket is created by Customer A. Customer A has a partner level of "Silver". The "Silver SLA" is assigned to the conversation based on the partner level.

    2) Customer A requests a new laptop. I provide Customer A with a quote the same day. Resolution time for the Silver SLA is set to 5 days. I place the status of the conversation to "Pending" as I am waiting on approval before proceeding. The SLA timer shows as pasused with resolution time set for 5 days.

    3) 6 days later Customer A responds granting approval for the quote. I change the status to open and respond to the client that I've ordered the laptop. SLA now shows as breached in Kayako as I have gone over the 5 day SLA.​

    Hoping someone else has run into this. I haven't gotten a response from support and it's been a couple of days.

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