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Smarter password integration - template for /Base/UserAccount/ChangePassword

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by Igor Kryltsov, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Igor Kryltsov

    Igor Kryltsov Established Member

    Imagine you have a web service and a Kayako portal to serve clients.
    There are two types of clients - your web service clients (A) - the ones who have an account in your web sevice. (B) - prospective clients. They have only Kayako account after they emailed a question.

    We want clients (A )to have only one username and password for our web service and Kayako. Since we can use Kayako API we can put users into two different groups (both registered) - Clients and Prospects. Once a prospect client signs in we can change his group from our web service via API from Prospect to Clients in Kayako.

    Now to the point. We have two places where Kayako user can change password.
    1) no template - /Base/UserAccount/ChangePassword
    2) template lostpasswordform - /Base/UserLostPassword/Index

    I will start with (2). It is possible to use template and replace link to /Base/UserLostPassword/Index to your web service lost password page. This page will check via API if email belongs to an account in Clients or Prospects groups in Kayako and will change password in our web service and Kayako if a user is a Client. This page will change only Kayako password if a user belongs to Prospect group in Kayako.

    Now to point 1. There is no template for this page. I think it is important to add it so people who are nuts of making user experience nice can again check what user group this account belongs. If it is a Client - we will show a link to Settings page in our web service which will take care of changing password everywhere or if a user belongs to Prospect group will show what current page shows.

    This is the only way I see to let synchronise passwords.
  2. Igor Kryltsov

    Igor Kryltsov Established Member

    I have to correct myself. My point (1) above has a template = changepasswordform.

    Integration I was talking about is possible if you gain access to two places in source code. Credits to ad_admin.

    One is - function ResetSubmit in class.Controller_UserLostPassword.php under __swift/modules/base/client.
    Details - http://forums.kayako.com/threads/lost-password.29387/#post-140133

    Second one - I am talking to Kayako support right now to get access to it (post a full solution later).

    So basically when user resets forgotten password or changes it under settings we send a POST request to our system's secret script with email and password. This script checks if this user is an existing client (not prospect client who has not registered yet) and if true - we change his password in our system too.

    With this approach your web service registered user will always have same username and password inside your service AND Kayako.

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