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SMS alerts setup

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by iangessey, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. iangessey

    iangessey Established Member


    Just installed the SMS alerts add on - we have a Clickatel account setup.

    Just need clarification on two points please:

    4) Ensure you have mobile numbers set for each of your staff who will need to receive the SMS text messages. ( the mobile number will need to include the international dialling code - is this somewhere in Kayako or on the Clickatel platform?

    The SMS system will now be active, to make notifications send out via SMS, simply edit your staff notification rule in the staff CP, and in the Dispatch Email (Custom) box add the email address: sms@sms.local - cant seem to find this setting.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    Point 1 is in kayako, that is on the staff users profile under phone number

    Point 2 staff cp > notifications > on notification (or a new one) in the dispatch email custom box type sms@sms.local
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  3. iangessey

    iangessey Established Member

    My apologies - forgot to say thanks for this!
    Works fine btw.

  4. factor

    factor Member

    which sms alerts addon are you speaking about?
  5. factor

    factor Member

  6. iangessey

    iangessey Established Member

    I would say try it - I'm running 4.66.2 and its happy enough.
  7. weechuan

    weechuan New Member

    Have anybody tried to modify the above to send to phone numbers of the users (customers) instead?
  8. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    That should be a fairly straight forward alteration, it would just need an additional SQL call to retrieve the users phone number and add it to the list


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