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SMS Gateway - T-mobile

Discussion in 'Kayako 3 Forums' started by netmotiv8, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. netmotiv8

    netmotiv8 New Member


    I notice that T-mobile is not supported in the UK for the SMS gateway.

    Are there plans to support that network? I want to use the SMS gateway but am currently on T-mobile.


    Neil :(
  2. rickowen

    rickowen New Member


    I have T mobile setup, if you have problems, contact clickatel (SMS gateway company) their support is excellent and they will add the details to their database

    test the gateway (box on first page) then if you do not get the test contact their support

  3. BigDawgRob

    BigDawgRob New Member

    Yeah, that seems odd not to support T-Mobile, it mentions 'Unallocated Prefixes' I wonder that these are?!
  4. rickowen

    rickowen New Member

    the unallocated presfixes is the code (IE 07706) if ou try the gateway via link on clickatel home page then if it fails contact clickatel support they can add the prefix

    that is what they did for us


  5. tomastamm

    tomastamm New Member

  6. craigbrass

    craigbrass Experienced Member

    Old thread you have resurrected but Kayako do support T-Mobile UK. I am a TMUK customer and when I tested it, it worked fine.
  7. boomansion

    boomansion New Member

    I can confirm TMobile works for us 100%.

    GKRAMER Established Member

    can changing the SMS gateway to another provider like Itagg be done easily? ie chaging gateway host IP and login credentials in a file

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