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Discussion in 'New ideas, bigger features' started by maxhodges, May 24, 2012.

  1. maxhodges

    maxhodges Established Member

    It might be smart to integrate social networks into Kayako. There's a lot of new solutions to address this shifting landscape in support, such as LiveAgent's all-in-one solution, and

    Facebook Support
    Turn Facebook wall messages into tickets. Your answers will reach also friends of your customers.

    Twitter Support
    Help on all fronts! Monitor and answer all influential tweets from one place.

    would be nice to implement some module or something in Kayako for this. I could contribute some feature/design ideas and beta test if you like.

  2. factor

    factor Member

    Yes please, specially twitter integration for mentions should be easy to implement. And now you are at it, facebook & twitter login if possible.
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  3. maxhodges

    maxhodges Established Member

    yes, this xenforo community forums you are using did an excellent facebook login integration. Maybe you could borrow some code from them :)

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