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Completed Social media support (Twitter, Facebook integration)

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by Aleborg, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. maxhodges

    maxhodges Established Member

    I think Kayako's days are numbers unless you integrate better with social media. There is a shfiting landscape in helpdesk support toward social integrating with lots of upstarts are offering innovative new features such as LiveAgent's all-in-one solution, Zendesk.com and desk.com.

    Facebook Support
    Turn Facebook wall messages into tickets. Your answers will reach also friends of your customers.

    Twitter Support
    Help on all fronts! Monitor and answer all influential tweets from one place.

    After years in the business, Kayako doesn't even have a social sign in feature, like the one superbly implemented in these xenforo forums you are using.

    I see a recent post you made about putting the Facebook like button in the knowledgebase, but that's a very half-hearted attempt at integration compared to what these new companies are doing.

    Really hope you can innovate faster and stay relevant!

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  2. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

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  3. maxhodges

    maxhodges Established Member

    Thanks, yes, one of your engineers today told me that your developers put this together. I see its beta. Is it supported if we have issues or is this not considered part of the core product?

    Installation seems a bit difficult for my skill set...mostly because this part about ("8. Find the Apache configuration file for the virtual hosts where you run your helpdesk and create an alias in it...") So I've created a post on oDesk to find someone who can install and configure it for us. Will it be part of an upgrade in any near future release?

  4. gointern

    gointern New Member

    Don't agree with you. Social should remain as a plugin and not become part of the core. Facebook, twitter will come and go. But basic support will always remain. There are many companies that don't need social integration.
  5. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    I can see off/on, but it shouldn't be a plug-in. There are too many competing helpdesk systems that offer social media support by default.
    You need to be where your customers are and if you serve the public sector (consumer markets), that includes social media and mobile platforms.
    Luckily we don't have a dire need for this (business as customers), but I can certainly see the point for others.
  6. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    At the end of the Day Kayako is all Modules so having this as a Module/App should not matter, however they abilty to enable/disable as well as it being available to all kayako usersd (IE On Demand) would be a must, as wellas Kayako making sure it is updated with every release so no-on is waiting to upgrade because of this module.
  7. maxhodges

    maxhodges Established Member

  8. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    Google "facebook broke the internet" and you will see a reason for this not to be a mandatory feature.

    Personally I dont want to be tied to another tird party that can cause simple login issues, it is not Facebook that gets the calls form My Customers it is me.

    And again it all depends on your Business and who your target client base is, if you are someone aimed at Consumers then Social is important, iof you are targeted at Business Social is not so important, so like Gointern says, Facebook, twitter etc will come and go, so i dont see why you want something tied to these companies as part of a core product, a supported well built add on available to all means it can be alot more fuild with the changes in Social Behavour. (just think if Kayako was built on Social with MySpace we would all be screaming because so few of our customers would be using it.
  9. maxhodges

    maxhodges Established Member

    Google "Windows Server 2008 Downtime" and you'll see that Facebook's brief login glitch is nothing compared to the average of 3.77 hours of unplanned downtime per year for your self-hosted Windows 2008 box. ;)

    I'm not saying anything has to be a "mandatory" feature. It should just be a feature. Whether its implemented in the core or as a module doesn't make much of a difference to me as long as its EASY to turn on. Anyone who as tried the beta Kayako's social sign-in app will understand that its not as easy as flipping a switch. Not only is its existence not well advertised (I failed to find it after searching the web and these forums for "kayako facebook sign in". I imagine 99% of Kayako customers don't know it exists), you need to download and install files, make changes to your Apache configuration, and follow two dozen steps to get it enabled. (This is part of a larger problem with the culture at Kayako which I'll come back to this in a moment.)

    And that is all just for a social integrated login, which is hardly any real social integration at all.

    Facebook and Twitter might be gone tomorrow, but today there are 1.3 billion active users on just those two services alone. One of our every 5 minutes spent online is spent on a social network. So while you assume Facebook and Twitter might not be around forever, you neglect to see that for a very large number of people social networks have already replaced email as their primary means to communication. Kayako already supports email, chat and phone based interactions. Why neglect social media interactions, especially when they have the potential to influence untold thousands?

    Its quite possible that none of this applies to you, but I think even entirely B2B focused companies likes yours are still doing business with people, and those people are just as likely to share positive and negative experiences with their peers as everyone else.

    In our case offering an integrated login that works with someone's Facebook, Twitter, or Google account is just a small courtesy. Chances are a large percentage of users are already logged into to one of these services, so that makes it even more seamless to get logged into our helpdesk. As far as Facebook's glitch, it was rather brief and insignificant at least for our business. Depending on an integrated login is not much different than depending on hosted email services, CDN services, cloud storage, SaaS as a whole, and CloudFront caching. There are compelling reasons to use such third-party services and with them comes a bit of downtime risk, but more often than not the companies providing these services can afford redundancies which make their real downtime much lower than entirely self-hosted solutions anyway!

    The real value of social integrated helpdesk are many. For one, desk.com allows us to manage communications happening on our multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts from a single, central application. So instead of jumping from account to account each day to see if there's anything we need to respond to, it simply pulls new questions, comments and conversations directly into the helpdesk, allowing you to respond to them with the same powerful canned responses, marcos and knowledge-base articles as your email and chat interactions.

    Even more powerful is the ability to engage with people who are having conversations about our company and about topics our products and services are designed to address. But I don't want to sound like an advertisement for another company's solution here on Kayako's forums.

    Kayako was good for us and helped us grow over the years, but I feel like they've just fell too far behind in terms of features, user experience, and ease-of-administration. I think the problem is that the company is run by engineers and they haven't hired enough people to mitigate between the engineers and the end-users. Take the reporting tool for example. The early version was overly complicated and frustratingly confusing, it took years for them to redesign it, and yet now its more flexible but you practically need a degree in computer science to make any useful reports with the thing. The same goes for configuring mailboxes, queues, auto-responders, templates, plug-ins installation (as mentioned above) and nearly everything else. As I've recently discovered other companies have come up with much more simple ways to configure and manage these things, while offering even greater flexibility.

    I think pouring all your resources into low-wage engineers in India may indeed be a way to keep costs to a minimum, but you may also be sacrificing product innovation with this strategy.

    I truly wish Kayako the best, but our helpdesk is core to what we do, and we've decided to move on after discovering our needs are better met by other solutions at this time.
  10. James McCann

    James McCann Established Member

    I agree with that statement. It's no good to us.
  11. maxhodges

    maxhodges Established Member

    I accept that this must be true for some businesses. But our of curiosity, would you mind telling me what kind of products and services you are supporting?

  12. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    The simple fact is Kayako doesn't support social media, plug-in or otherwise. That fact determines what markets they can serve.
    To say "social is coming" or "should be handled by a plug-in" is ludricrous at this point (too little, too late).
    Luckily we don't need social integration (for now), but Desk.com's site says it best -- "Connect with your customers wherever they are."
    If you need social media support, you'll need to look elsewhere for a help desk solution.
  13. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Thanks all for contributing your thoughts and ideas. We've been following this (like we do all feature and suggestion discussion threads). We made the conscious decision to wait and see how things play out. As some have mentioned, baked-in social integration isn't a requirement for all of our current and potential customers; we took advantage of that flexibility to see how other solutions would address social integrations, what worked, what didn't. There's some good and bad solutions out there - some other helpdesks have 'social integration-lite', but it kind of breaks down when things get busy and volumes increase.

    Over the last 6 months we have also been researching and testing our own solutions and ideas. There's a lot of usability and workflow thinking which needs to go into a successful integration of new channels like Twitter and Facebook and the new nuances and considerations to bring to the helpdesk, especially busy ones, which is the case for the majority of our customers. We think we've got the solution and we will be bringing that to Kayako - it is being worked on now. I can't share further details on that, other than to do keep your comments and thoughts coming!
  14. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    I agree.

    Indeed - please see my comments on that above.

    This isn't the case, Kayako was started, is and always has been in India - we don't have outsourcing operations. You're right that cost-saving outsourcing to lower-overhead countries does compromise quality, we see that with so many vendors and call centres. But it is important that I point out the distinction between 'being outsourced to India' and 'being in India' - we are the latter and rest assured that fact doesn't alter our product quality.

    Thanks for your comments, Max. I appreciate that your business' needs have gone one way while Kayako has gone another, that happens. I said before we are listening and I am pretty sure we'll be talking again in the near future about continuing to serve your customers using Kayako!

    Totally agree - and for that reason we won't be making a social sign-on the primary or mandatory registration mechanism, but we do see that it saves time, allows for richer customer profiles and is essential to future social integrations, so the feature will be there.

    In all of the functionality we implement in Kayako, like live chat, call support, advanced SLA management, we've spent a lot of time and taken care to make sure that these features do not slow you down or complicate the user experience if you have no need for them. We'll be taking the same approach with social integration. Now I've said that, are there still any specific reasons why you'd wish for social integration to be a 'plugin' as opposed to out-of-the-box?
  15. James McCann

    James McCann Established Member

    Awesome I agree...what he said ^ ;) Thanks Jamie
  16. fimcdxb

    fimcdxb Member

    Jamie is right!
  17. Ozan

    Ozan New Member

    Jamie please give a date. How long we have to wait you to prepare a twitter/facebook plugin or update.. 1 week 1 month 1 year? we have to decide how to go on please we get lots of tickets from twitter and it s very very stupid way to answer via twitter base site
  18. guruh

    guruh Member

  19. Lee Conlin

    Lee Conlin Member

    My god.. I didn't think this thread was still going.

    I've stopped asking for new features on here now... unless it's something incredibly simple it's not likely to get done (and even when it is simple.... like adding a single button to a single page it probably won't either)

    social media support is unlikely to ever get added to Kayako IMO purely because it would require them to commit development resource to keep it up to date with ongoing changes to social media sites. Think if Twitter changes their API.. .Kayako HAVE to deploy an update quickly or their customers will be complaining that it's broken.

    This would not fit with Kayako's "dead slow and stop" development policy.

    I've seen far far simpler feature requests with hundreds of supporters that still haven't been implemented almost 2 years after the initial request.
  20. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi Lee

    I have just merged two threads together - I forgot about this one. I replied in the other thread explaining the situation, which you can now see above (http://forums.kayako.com/threads/social-media-support.26098/page-3#post-154870). I hope this gives some clarity on the position.

    Which simple feature requests are still open and have hundreds of supporters? We've got some darn popular ones, that's for sure, but none of that magnitude that I am aware of. (That doesn't mean to say we implement every request, though - we say no to more than we say yes).

    In the past two years we have implemented at least 200 feature requests and improvements. I say at least, because some of our biggest features don't always have a corresponding tracker entry - especially the big ones, and I am excluding improvements and new client applications to Kayako Mobile (for Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Blackberry and now Android Tablet) and Kayako Desktop.

    Of course, we want to do even better and will :) Thank you for your feedback!

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