Some HTML & WYSYWIGy into staff dashboard

Discussion in 'New ideas, bigger features' started by Igor Kryltsov, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Igor Kryltsov

    Igor Kryltsov Established Member

    Is there any plans to add basic things so we can see HTML emails (like we do here in Xenforo forum), can reply with original quoted, add images inline and have basic formating?

    I just do not understand why TinyMCE is available when you publich News and KB but is not available in main app where you work with tickets and spend 99% of your time?

    Please point me in a right direction if I missed someting in Kayako configuration
  2. waael

    waael Member

    you are 100% right
    any ideas!
  3. Patrick Stel

    Patrick Stel Established Member

    Got the same issue here, I'm working now to modify my code here to use TinyMCE, all-ready got it working for clients the can use tinymce to fill in there ticket information, now working on staff reply and forward and note function

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