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Some questions/suggestions

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by rickyh, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. rickyh

    rickyh New Member

    Hi there,

    Since I just have bought an owned license (2 weeks ago) for our supportcenter, I was wondering about the following suggestions and questions.

    1) Phone support. Since our helpdesks main lines to the costumer are e-mail and phonecalls, I'm hoping the phone support will be better in V4. With that I have the following suggestions.

    • When creating a new phoneticket, you enter the phone number in the phone number field. Supportsuite should auto detect if there are already cases on that phone number so you can add a new call to the case or continue creating a new one.
    • In any way you should be able to add a call to an already excisting case (even if it's an e-mail, since sometimes we have to call a costumer that mailed us). This is very important to us since we invoice our clients and we need to have details on the amouth of calls we had, so we can't just write a reply when a costumer calls back. It has to be counted as a phonecall.
    • Not all costum field groups should be added when creating a new phone ticket. Only the onces selected or filled out should be added. (We now end up removing a costum field groups after creating a new phone ticket. This because each costum field group is for another brand/costumer of ours).
    2) An API. I have been reading on the forum and I think this is indeed going to be there. The API found at http://forums.kayako.com/f52/integration-api-17915/ works great for us now to implement it on our website, but hopefully supportsuite will now come with its inbuild api.

    3) Reports creation. Flexible report creation so you can create a report on the info you want. For example; we use a productnr as identyfier (entered in a costum field) It would be nice to roll out a report which gives us the amouth of cases, outgoing mails and calls on each productnr (so combined on the projectnr's costumfield). Right now I'm creating reports myself by accessing the database directly, using an own made 'website' for it. Sadly the number of calls is never right since we can't add a new phone call to an already excisting case.

    4) Costumfields. The ability to edit or add costum field information in the 'post reply' tab, instead of the edit tab. We use a set of errorcodes and have to enter a description as well. So after each incoming mail we have to check if the info in there is still correct. (Every month we createn a report of this to pass it on to our costumers so they can improve their products). Now if you make the reply and change the status, you hit save and then (if the staffmember forgot) he has to find the case in the other status folder and open it again to go to the edit tab...

    Well, this is it for now, since we are creating procedures for our staff right now more might come up later. Hope it all makes sense :p In anyway, thanks for this direct way of communication to your costumers for the creation of a newer version of supportsuite! Absolutely awsome! :D

    Best Regards,

  2. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Thanks for the detailed and well versed feature requests!

    Are you saying you would like to log calls in existing tickets?

    We will be changing the way you link tickets to custom field sets.

    It certainly will.

    Yep, already added :)

    Same for this.
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