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SPAM is a thing of the past

Discussion in 'Offers' started by nibb, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    I remember when i first started using Kayako. Oh boy it was a nightmare. Most tickets where spam and not mention when you had the SMS alert all you get was annoying spam alerts costing you money. We received almost 600 tickets per day all spam. We spended hours deleting the ****. No matter what we did spam alwas had a way to deliver directly to the email piping. So we decided 1 email the support email would require registration. Well that helped someway but sales and other emails still had spam. You cannot force all user to register to send you an email, you will lose tons of sales this way. You must have the emails to be public so everyone can send you emails. Everyone except spammers.

    All that is in the past...

    Well i know it feels to have such a nice system and just receive ****. Well we have a solution. We partnered with one of the biggest company in the world recently bought by Google. The service is perfect. Every single ticket we receive is a real email. No more spam. 0
    You know what it is to go from 600 spam per inbox to 0?

    Its incredible. We have made a big agreement on thousands of $$$ a year for some servers, mainly mail servers for us and our clients.

    So im passing this offer exclusive only for Kayako users. I can give the service on small account, that means small business without you spending thousands of bucks. And believe me, this service is worth thousands. Its the same service Fortune 500 companies use.

    I can give a special price for this for 40$ per inbox a year.
    Required minimum 20 inboxes
    So for 20 inboxes 800$ a year.

    It seems allot but imagine FREE SPAM emails. Its worth every penny if you take your business seriously. Please contact me via PM since this is an offer i cannot actually give on public.
  2. Brent

    Brent New Member

    Umm... details please..

    If you think people will just send you money for something with zero explanation you are crazy...
  3. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi Nibb,

    Please be more detailed in exactly what the service you are offering is, what you are reselling, what its specifications are and what the requirements are.
  4. PeteV

    PeteV New Member

    He is probably talking about Postini, acquired by Google on July 9, 2007 for some $M625 cash (hardly "one of the biggest company in the world)".

    "Mostly used by companies who manage their own email servers, Postini filters email before it reaches its destination inbox. The SPAM filtering provided is similar to that used by GMail. Postini's email security blocks spam, viruses, phishing, and email threats, and provides sophisticated message management and policy enforcement."

    From nibb's email message, it is pretty clear that something fishy is going on ("So im passing this offer exclusive only for Kayako users."). This offer probably violates their contract...
  5. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    Im sorry, its from Postini.com

    The same company that was bought by Google recently by 625$ millions.

    I can give it at 20 mailboxes minimum.

    Price is annually.

    It works perfectly.

    It doesn't need any installation on your side, or configuration. All you do is make some change on your MX DNS records to point to postini mail servers

    Then it handles Spam and Viruses and delivers clean mail to your Kayako in this case. You will have a complete control panel to configure the service, for example if you want to eliminate spam or send it to quarantine or be alerted on your Wireless device if your mail goes done.

    Im sorry i just said its AntiSpam. Its allot more then that.

    You can have permission policy by a specific mail user or your whole company.

    So there is not software to install, maintain or configure.

    Spam never reaches your inbox. That means if someone wants to mail bomb you, your server will not even notice it since it will not handle the Spam. This is also perfect for people that need to lower CPU usage or bandwidth fees because the email server is processing to much spam or erasing it. Its also perfect for people that are getting DDOS attacks against the server via mail.

    The attacks, virus and spams never gets to your server. You even configure a firewall so only you can connect to postini servers to download mails.

    If you receive allot of spam the costs of this service its cheap. Since calculate how much you save.
    You save bandwidth. CPU usage. Strees. Secures your mail. And most important you save time.

    Sorry for the spelling.
  6. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    You just posted this the same time i was writting my reply. Why is it fishy? No im a legal company and the service is real. I just wanted to help others as well since i know how much trouble i had with the Spam creating tickets and users on Kayako. Actually i dont earn more then 5$ bucks or so per account. So that only covers my fees to receive the payment. This is not my market i only wanted to help others.
    It doesnt violate the contract in any way. Actually i can sell the service with the Postini name. The name is all over the service. You actually must sell it under that name. If someone is interested I will send you the agreements after payment. Must be returned signed by fax.
  7. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    Definitely Postini, I'd looked into it before moving this to offers. They do have reseller partners, which is probably what he's offering. As for it being "fishy", what's wrong with claiming an offer is "exclusively for xxx users"?

    [EDIT] Apparently a few posts happened while I was writing this. ;) [/EDIT]
  8. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    When i say exclusive for Kayako users, i said that because of price. The end price for clients is much bigger then that. I dont care giving it to that cost because i dont need to handle anything. I will also dont give Support for that cost. You will have all the documentation for Postini to configure your MX records. But if you know what im talking about its very easy. Also you dont need to have a dedicated server. If your host lets you manage your DNS settings you will be fine. Well thats all i suppose. Thanks :)
  9. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi nibb,

    Thanks for sharing :)
  10. PeteV

    PeteV New Member

    ... it is not fishy when you explain it all clearly... which you did... cool...
    (gotta be careful out there... it's a dangerous Internet sometimes...)

    anyhow, sorry for calling your offer fishy; I was really only referring to your first e-mail I suppose
  11. Brent

    Brent New Member

    So I can offer reseller items on here to everyone?
    I thought that was not allowed here?

    I am a reseller for many things people here could take advantage of...
    Domain Names - Spam Protection etc....

    I did not know we could offer those - Heck i would in some cases offer items at my cost just to increase my base and also meet some reseller quotas...
  12. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    Of course you can. Thats why this section is called Marketplace and the Forum "Offers"
  13. Akash Sharma

    Akash Sharma New Member

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