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Spanish Lenguage For User Pannel V 4.63 (pack en español para vista de usuarios)

Discussion in 'Language packs' started by Mario Menendez, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Hi! leave to you an spanish pack for user pannel! I hope you find it helpful!

    Hola! les dejo un pack en español para la vista de usuarios, espero les sirva!


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  2. DonLapeno

    DonLapeno Established Member

    ijust tried this and in live chat i get alot of error when i select spanish language

    [SIZE=14px][FONT=Lucida Grande][SIZE=16px][COLOR=#f5afae]Undefined index: fielddepartment (./__swift/cache/789868a9a4167556a8f3d8f0d15e9f9b.php:19)[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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    Notice Undefined index: fielddepartment (./__swift/cache/789868a9a4167556a8f3d8f0d15e9f9b.php:19) =================================================================================================================================[/FONT][/SIZE] Notice Undefined index: online (./__swift/cache/08c63fdda17db5d1b091d35dcd46dd4d.php:12) =================================================================================================================================  Notice Undefined index: online (./__swift/cache/08c63fdda17db5d1b091d35dcd46dd4d.php:12) =================================================================================================================================  Notice Undefined index: online (./__swift/cache/08c63fdda17db5d1b091d35dcd46dd4d.php:12) =================================================================================================================================
    [SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana] [/FONT][/SIZE]  
    and a bunch more, i rebuilt the cache but no go...
  3. it Just for kayako resolved, this not have chat. that's the reason for your error's.


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