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Speed up staff center search

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Rogler, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Rogler

    Rogler Established Member


    we are using kayako for ~2 years now, and our database has around ~6000 tickets already. We noticed lately, that the staff center search is getting very slow - searching for a ticket number in the quick-search box takes around 10-20 seconds.

    Is there any "trick" to speed up the search, or anything that I can set in the AdminCP?

  2. CyberCr33p

    CyberCr33p Established Member

    We have more than 60.000 tickets and the search takes 1-2 sec. Maybe your server has not much resources available?
  3. Rogler

    Rogler Established Member

    Thanks for your feedback - i checked with our IT guy, server is really bored...

    %Cpu(s): 6,8 us, 1,4 sy, 0,0 ni, 91,4 id, 0,4 wa, 0,0 hi, 0,0 si,
    KiB Mem: 4147012 total, 1471364 used, 2675648 free, 151604 buffers
    KiB Swap: 3906556 total, 0 used, 3906556 free, 987472 cached

    Any other idea?
  4. Peter Forsberg

    Peter Forsberg New Member

    I agree, our search is pretty slow. I have about 16,000 tickets.
  5. neonardo

    neonardo Member

    Imagine what it's like when you reach nearly 1,000,000 tickets like me ;)

    This has long been an issue Kayako doesn't care about...they don't care about their download product anymore. If their recent money grab convinces you of anything else...well, I feel sorry for you my friend.

    I'd recommend you keep looking for alternative platforms.

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