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SQL Query for Tickets and Custom Fields

Discussion in 'Developing, APIs and extending' started by MohammadQassim, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. MohammadQassim

    MohammadQassim New Member


    I am a mobile developer trying to make an app for my organization. I used the REST API and it is perfect so far.

    However, we have used custom fields in our Kayako. I want to fetch tickets based on custom fields. We have various fields. My target field is made for Mobile number.

    I have full access to the database of our Kayako. But I am not able to figure out how swtickets, swcustomfields and swcustomfieldvalues are related to each other.

    My custom field is: 9tyhlnlg9jst

    So, please I want a SQL query that list all tickets and their custom fields where `9tyhlnlg9jst`='MobileNumberHere'
  2. chesheng

    chesheng New Member

    I am encouraging you to create a new REST API to support querying tickets from a CustomField value.
    Or you may simply use the SQL statement like this:

    SELECT * FROM swtickets
    INNER JOIN swcustomfieldvalues ON swtickets.ticketid=typeid
    INNER JOIN swcustomfields ON swcustomfieldvalues.customfieldid=swcustomfields.customfieldid
    WHERE swcustomfields.fieldname='9tyhlnlg9jst' AND swcustomfieldvalues.fieldvalue='MobileNumberHere';

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