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Staff responses are not being sent?!

Discussion in 'Email piping' started by SYSMNT, Jul 30, 2010.


    SYSMNT New Member

    We are looking to upgrade to the most recent version of Support Suite and are in the process of doing some ticket housekeeping, etc...while doing this, Support Suite stopped sending Staff Reply emails. Our clients can create tickets, they get the auto-responder notifications, they can even update their tickets via email after they have been created...so I know that SOME emails are making it out and that our mail queue setup seems to still be OK.

    We are running version 3.11.01 and are using PHP mail method (I have just tried setting it to authenticated SMTP, same result..no outgoing staff reply emails sent). Tomorrow I'll be looking at the server's sendmail log. Has anyone seen this and/or have any suggestions?
  2. DavePB

    DavePB Member

    I have the same problem - replies do not get sent to the ticket originator even if I check the "Send E-mail' box.
    If a user submits a ticket they DO get an email reply.
    If a staff email ticket is created then the person emailed to DOES get the email.
    So, email system (also using php - I haven't tried other method yet) is working.

    In fact the help file (pdf version 3.60 revision 13) confuses the subject even more by saying (on page 167 of 517):

    "Checking this box will send the ticket reply by e-mail to the client. With this box checked, the ticket reply will still be recorded and available to the client via the client support interface, but a copy will not be sent by e-mail."

    I presume the pdf should say "With this box unchecked, ......". I tried it both ways but do not get email replies.

    We are running 3.70.02

    SYSMNT New Member


    A Kayoko support rep. demonstrated that Support Suite can send staff replies when using an outside SMTP server. Though, when I tried using my own SMTP server settings, I was unable to get any outgoing emails from the system. So....the PHP method works, just doesn't send outgoing staff replies (all automated responses are sent) and the SMTP method only works when using the rep's settings (we get no activity in our SMTP logs when using our settings).

    This would sound a lot like a firewall or spam rule issue were it not for the fact that we are getting system-generated emails and not staff-generated ones using the PHP method. I am at a complete loss...

    SYSMNT New Member

    We upgraded to version 3.70.02 and it did not correct the behavior, staff replies still do not go out...but we did discover the following:

    1.) Forwards are sent correctly.
    2.) BCC's are sent correctly (when posting staff replies).

    SYSMNT New Member

  6. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member


    We have hundreds of customers using 3.70.02, and their e-mails are going out.

    This indicates an issue with your server setup (it wouldn't have worked at all if it was a problem with the way SupportSuite sends e-mails). Have you tried another SMTP server, outside of your network to confirm this?
  7. Extra

    Extra Established Member

    Hi Jamie

    Thanks for jumping in on the weekend to help multiple customers experiencing this issue.

    All outgoing email functions are working properly (Forward TO:, New Ticket TO:, New Ticket CC:, New Ticket BCC: without using smtp

    Even the Post Reply BCC: is being sent and received by the customer,

    The only ones not working are the TO and CC of the Post Reply.

    So could you advise what server or php setting we can apply to allow SS to send a reply to the TO recipient and the CC recipient when a Post Reply is completed on an existing ticket?

  8. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    Has this always been the case, or only since recently upgrading?

    SYSMNT New Member

    -- Yes, our SMTP server is not on the same server as our Support Suite installation. These problems started about 1 week ago (we were running version 3.11.02 at the time....and have been up until we upgraded to 3.70.02 this afternoon) when I added a new mail queue, which I would think not impact outbound traffic other than From address/From name overrides. We have always used the PHP method so when we recognized the problem, we tried the SMTP method. When that didn't work, I contacted Kayoko support. They WERE able to send staff replies using their gmail test SMTP server...which is where this becomes confusing. We have checked spam filters, firewall settings, etc., it looks like Support Suite simply isn't sending these emails (and there is no log I can find to help determine what Support Suite's outbound activity is). Do you have any idea where else I might look or what else I might try to resolve this? Thanks again!
  10. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    Did you have a ticket open with us? Please can you post it here
  11. SYSMNT

    SYSMNT New Member

    I don't believe a ticket was opened since the rep who helped me was able to successfully send existing ticket staff response emails using his test SMTP server. I will need to contact them again and troubleshoot with them. When I have a ticket number, I'll post it here. Thanks again!
  12. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    Sure - no doubt one of our techs will help trace things for you :) I was getting concerned that you had opened a ticket and they did not.
  13. DavePB

    DavePB Member

    My case is a brand new trial system and is actually installed on a Dell machine running Windows Vista Home Basic with XAMPP. As the new ticket confirmations are going out ok & so are staff email tickets with User E-mail Address completed, I can't see how it can be a server problem. We are using the php mail - haven't tested with an smtp server yet.

    (reason we installed on a normal machine is because our server is running an old phpbb which requires php 4 and SupportSuite requires php 5 so we are using an a temporary machine until we finish the trial)
  14. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    Please can you submit a support ticket and post the ticket ID here?
  15. DavePB

    DavePB Member

    I did post a ticket (TQD-237-34288) and the problem is resolved or at least worked around. Final word was:

    "In case of XAMPP, we recommend our clients to use SMTP instead of phpmail() function."

    Not sure why, or why phpmail() works fine for 2 out of 3 email types from SupportSuite. But as we are only testing on a temporary machine it probably isn't worth me chasing further for the time being. I did hook up to an SMTP server and can get replies emailed to Users.

    Now all I have to do is figure out why a reply to a Staff Ticket doesn't get emailed to the originator.....I figure that is a design decision?
  16. SYSMNT

    SYSMNT New Member

    We were unable to get Support Suite to send staff reply emails using the PHP method...the SMTP method works if we use any other SMTP server than our own (we did extensive testing and dead-ended at Support Suite...it simply was unable to communicate with our server....the firewall, spam filtering and other security measures were turned completely off...).

    We ended up using our gmail account's SMTP settings in Support Suite, which works pretty well as a workaround.
  17. kevinr

    kevinr New Member

    We see a similar problem - post reply doesn't work. So, I ran Wireshark on our mail server. What appears to be happening is that the Support Suite server is sending a null recipient, i.e. RCPT TO:<>. The email server then sends back a 501 Invalid Address, and the Support Suite closes the connection. I have no idea why it's adding the extra recipient. We are evaluating 3.70.02



    Changing to SMTP fixed the issue for us.
  18. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Same issue

    Hi there,

    We have the same issue, we have just installed the latest stable built and all is up and running fine, however, when a staff member replies to a ticket, there is no email being sent to the ticket creator. ( all other emails are going out as expected )

    What can I do to troubleshoot this issue? ( as I would like to get this working before our trial ends )

  19. lgutierrezp

    lgutierrezp New Member

    I have a problem quite similar to that report. When a new ticket is created, notification is not sent to cc mail. This is a system Bug? how could I fix it?

    Best Regards...

  20. iNETFX - Ben

    iNETFX - Ben New Member

    Just found out we had this problem too.

    Changing to SMTP worked however:

    Setting it to localhost failed
    Setting it to the IP address (still of the same machine) worked
    Setting it to another machine entirely worked

    What's odd though is another machine with eSupport on it works fine using "localhost", however that is a W2K3 Machine with PHP 5.2, whereas the new one is a W2K8R2 with PHP 5.3....

    Hope that can help someone.

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