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Discussion in 'Feedback and suggestions' started by Kushal Sharma, Aug 25, 2016.

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    Posting this thread on the behalf of one of our customers (Flavio Zarur Lucarelli). He's using Kayako Classic and wants to share some feedback on how the users & organizations are handled currently and how it can be improved in the new Kayako. Flavio's feedback:

    It's not clear, when you delete an organization, that its associated addresses are not deleted (which would be logical). So Id at least make it clear, after deleting organization say "Notice associated users of this organization are not deleted, delete them manually". IMHO its worse the way it is. Because you think it deleted and it didnt (the associated users). So if one doesnt make note of what emails are part of an organization, imagine the hard time person will have to discover each one and delete them later? So imho the way it is, is not good.

    It could perfectly inform "do you want to delete all users associated to this organization"? This would make staff's life easier and less chances of keeping stale/deleted users. If one is deleting an organization, usually its because they wanna delete all email accounts associated with that organization. So IMHO, in any way, theres space for improvement, to make things clearer and better...
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