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Discussion in 'Feedback and suggestions' started by theswindler, Jun 21, 2019.

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    Does anyone have phone #'s and/or contact info for any of these departments in any country where someone might pick up the phone if I call desperately needing support? Please share if you do

    I have been trying for 1 week to get someone to simply decrease my seat count by one so I can input a new CC and renew my license. After a dozen pointless emails back/forth Sales, Billing & Support have all failed to get this done dating back to last Friday. Now I can't get into my HelpDesk as my acct has just been set to inactive, quite inconvenient is understating my level of frustration at this point. I've tried multiple times daily for a week to resolve this issue and renew my license. My staff and customers use our HelpDesk 8-18/hrs per day so now Kayako has crippled a significant conduit of my tech support/msp business

    Both phone numbers in email signatures via automated emailed messages are always busy, no one replies to most of my emails for about 1/day or more and they give me resolutions to problems I don't have and have never reported or asked help for. One of their sales reps told me via email yesterday my seat count is now correct, go ahead and renew, but when I log into it still shows the incorrect original seat count......

    I'm not sure if this the correct area to post this or not, don't really care either, but as a loyal Kayako user dating back to 2010 I've never in my professional career encountered a larger, utter failure and complete breakdown in customer support as I've experienced this past week trying to get someone @ Kayako to make a simple billing change to my acct. I tried to do so well before my acct was declared inactive, which has just happened this evening, so much for that. I hope to be able to post back later that one single person w/ even the most minimal skillset @ Kayako in any of those departments has taken the initiative to resolve this issue for me as thus far all I've experienced is complete incompetence

    Am I being unreasonable thinking that between 3 different depts this task should have gotten resolved in a day or two with a few emails, I don't think so
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    "kayako guru" recommending a competitors product, really helpful, thank you so very much for that supergenius
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    That title is given for time as a member (and isn't editable, or I would have), not because I'm connected to Kayako other than as a user (for now), but thanks anyway for the insult as someone tries to help you make better decisions with your time and money.

    Feel free to continue paying Kayako, and experiencing this sort of thing. Doesn't sound terribly genius in it's own right, "super" or otherwise.

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