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Discussion in 'Feedback and suggestions' started by theswindler, Jun 21, 2019.

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    Does anyone have phone #'s and/or contact info for any of these departments in any country where someone might pick up the phone if I call desperately needing support? Please share if you do

    I have been trying for 1 week to get someone to simply decrease my seat count by one so I can input a new CC and renew my license. After a dozen pointless emails back/forth Sales, Billing & Support have all failed to get this done dating back to last Friday. Now I can't get into my HelpDesk as my acct has just been set to inactive, quite inconvenient is understating my level of frustration at this point. I've tried multiple times daily for a week to resolve this issue and renew my license. My staff and customers use our HelpDesk 8-18/hrs per day so now Kayako has crippled a significant conduit of my tech support/msp business

    Both phone numbers in email signatures via automated emailed messages are always busy, no one replies to most of my emails for about 1/day or more and they give me resolutions to problems I don't have and have never reported or asked help for. One of their sales reps told me via email yesterday my seat count is now correct, go ahead and renew, but when I log into it still shows the incorrect original seat count......

    I'm not sure if this the correct area to post this or not, don't really care either, but as a loyal Kayako user dating back to 2010 I've never in my professional career encountered a larger, utter failure and complete breakdown in customer support as I've experienced this past week trying to get someone @ Kayako to make a simple billing change to my acct. I tried to do so well before my acct was declared inactive, which has just happened this evening, so much for that. I hope to be able to post back later that one single person w/ even the most minimal skillset @ Kayako in any of those departments has taken the initiative to resolve this issue for me as thus far all I've experienced is complete incompetence

    Am I being unreasonable thinking that between 3 different depts this task should have gotten resolved in a day or two with a few emails, I don't think so
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  3. theswindler

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    "kayako guru" recommending a competitors product, really helpful, thank you so very much for that supergenius
  4. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    That title is given for time as a member (and isn't editable, or I would have), not because I'm connected to Kayako other than as a user (for now), but thanks anyway for the insult as someone tries to help you make better decisions with your time and money.

    Feel free to continue paying Kayako, and experiencing this sort of thing. Doesn't sound terribly genius in it's own right, "super" or otherwise.
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    First off, I am replying back that finally ONE single person @ Kayako assisted me in resolving this issue, albeit it @ 4am PST this morning. Yep, stayed up all night exhausting all resources possible to finally work w/ Kayako reps towards a resolution. That person was Freedom Ememandu and I greatly appreciate his efforts to get me back on track, Thank You, Freedom. Still needed to swap out for a new key.php license file to be input by my hosting company but they got to it immediately. Glad to report back my HelpDesk is back online and appears to be 100% functional

    I will be putting all of the negativity behind me regarding this unfortunate incident and I hope if this thread doesn't get deleted ANYONE reading and using Kayako will take pro-active action *before* their expiration/renewal. Check/edit your seat counts, make sure you have a valid CC on file as a 1/wk resolution over the lack of multiple depts failing to respond, provide solutions, edit down my seat count by a single digit is completely inexcusable, especially when the result was taking down my HelpDesk over a Kayako operational failure that could have easily been avoided. Kayako is either understaffed, select staff members may be lazy/demotivated, unskilled or unsupervised, IMO, doesn't matter, I'm over it, moving on

    Thank you bear for clarifying your status as "guru" is neither earned nor warranted, it's time based, good to know. You're not helping, you know that, don't pretend you don't. If you actually think you're helping w/ your snarky comment and link about moving my HelpDesk to a competitors product you're completely delusional, get back on your meds. I just needed a phone number and contact info, how does moving my HelpDesk or starting a brand new HelpDesk w/ a competitive product help me right now? It doesn't, you were being a jack@$$ and/or you have a vested interest in promoting a competitive product, both of which don't belong on a Kayako community forum. I hope someone from Kayako sees this and takes down your link, I would never allow a competitor's link on my community forum. If you care that little for Kayako and their products that you go out of your way to promote another product on their forum why are you here? They gave you that title based upon criteria that is time based, live up to it, you've got over 1k posts, and if you can't offer anything helpful other than promoting competive products kindly refrain from posting next time

    The whole point of my purposely inflammatory post on this user forum was to see if any users or moderators could provide backdoor contact info that was not public so I could get a real human being on the phone, Kayako left me no choice. You're welcome for the insult, you deserved it, and I thank you for entertaining me with your useless dribble, and for the record, you started this, not me. If you're giving out free advice I'll give you some in return, when someone is frustrated over a lack of communication and all they ask for is contact information and you post "go use another product"that's somewhat offensive, or maybe I'm just trippin......

    As far as you helping me make better decisions about spending my time and money I didn't ask for that and it's not welcomed, needed contact info ONLY. FYI, I've been using Kayako flawlessly for 9/yrs, this is my first incident where they failed me. I'm grandfathered in w/ pricing and continuing to use Kayako and work through geographic, communication and language barriers is something I know I will possibly have to deal w/ in the future. Is that a deal breaker, should I move on to another product, maybe, but probably not, I like their HelpDesk or I wouldn't have been using it for virtually a decade. IMHO, as I'm entitled to and as you are also entitled to yours, continuing to use Kayako is a great use of my time and money and I will indeed take your timely advice and continue using Kayako. One issue such as this in 9/yrs is extremely frustrating but doesn't justify jumping ship if for virtually a decade the platform was flawless. I'm loyal to Kayako, doesn't sound like you are, their software enhances my business and customer support experience and that's not genius, it's common sense. I have now just learned of one of their shortcomings regarding support requests and resolution time frames on hopefully this one single isolated incident. Now that I know maybe it will take them 10X longer than normal to resolve issues such as this in the future I'll build that into how I approach future support requests and justifiably lower my expectations on timely resolutions or move on, I'm staying for now

    In closing, thank you Kayako for making a great product, work on your customer service and support, it sucks. OR NOT, maybe it was just a perfect storm that resulted in a super crappy delayed resolution to an easy 5/minute fix that one person could have risen to where my HelpDesk wouldn't have been turned off. Maybe overall Kayako's support and response overall is pretty good, idk, I just know what I experienced personally this past week was unacceptable. Lastly, to bear, I bid you good day sir and best of luck in your continued efforts towards helping others make better decisions on how to spend their time and money when they didn't ask for that advice. You have a talent kid, don't hide it under a bush. If you want to continue this further I'm more than happy to oblige but I'll most likely return to servicing my customers and running my business opposed to further engagement in a fruitless continuance of this dead end rhetoric, good day sir!
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    You're the only one, then. Everyone else pays the per seat license, at the new rates.
    I own mine; all three unlimited seat licenses. Have since 2005, so 14 years. The deal offered us "grandfathers" was a slightly cheaper than retail "per seat" rate for very reduced seat licenses. You must be very special, as evidenced by the terrific treatment you just experienced.

    It wasn't snarky, it was meant to be helpful (clearly you hate that). They disabled your license because you couldn't reach anyone in sales that had a clue. Sales is a department that should ALWAYS know what to do and how, so the fact they don't speaks volumes.
    Here's hoping the same thing doesn't happen again, knowing it will.

    I think if they cared, this forum wouldn't be full of spam each day, and the member that insulted and name called another member would hear from them. That would be you.
    Unsubscribing from this, because you will only continue insulting, and I'd hate to interrupt your very important business with something so mundane as intelligence.

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